My League of Legends champion rotation

As I explained in my post on the League of Legends Meta, there are a number of different roles to play.  As I’ve been playing and getting a feel for the game, I’ve basically been auditioning champions.

Every week, there are 10 champions that you can play for free.  Which 10 changes every week, but it gives you a chance to play them before you buy them(either with real money or earned influence points).

I’ve been trying to find at least 1 champion that fits my style for each role, so I’m prepared for anything as opposed to being that guys that picks a champion that’s bad for team comp or whines until he gets his role.  So who has passed the test so far?

As I’ve been playing, I’ve found League of Legends similar to Warmachine in that at the highest level, there are distinct top tier champions.  However, there are also many counters both champion to champion as well as with items, so there is no distinctly top champion or champions.  Additionally, due to all the style differences, choosing a champion who fits your style is very important.  It is also interesting that since Riot releases patches on a regular basis, this is also in a state of flux.

So my goal has been to play as the champions that look interesting.  If I don’t like the look and feel of the champion then it will be difficult for me to have fun playing them.  As I play, I am subconsciously taking into account how well they are doing and how I feel about it.

So when playing PvP, I often end up playing Support, since people don’t seem to want to.  I’ve often gravitated toward the support role.  The cleric in RPGs for example.  I’ve mainly settled on Sona since her healing can keep you in lane for a while and her ultimate can give you a role later in the game as well.  I tried Soraka but didn’t like her as much.  I’d like to try some of of the more offensive supports like Thresh as well.

The first character I bought was actually Miss Fortune.  I generally love characters that dual wield in any game so she jumped out.  As I play more though, I’ve not been liking her as much.  I just tend to get squished.  ADC is not often available since a lot of people jump on it but I still need one.  I just got Tristana and so far she’s been much better.  Her passive keeps me a little safer, and she has an escape ability, which makes me fear squishiness a lot less.  I want to try Draven as well, more dual wielding.

Jungler is another commonly unplayed role.  I picked up Volibear even though he was expensive.  His charge allows me to catch up to running enemies and throw them back to teammates but other than that,  I’ve fallen a little out of love with him.  Not sure who I could replace him with.

One of my favorites has been Pantheon, who I play top.  He’s melee, which can be scary but he’s got so many ranged abilities that it makes up for it.  His ancient theme is cool and he can do some nice damage. I also kind of liked Fiora but not for how expensive she is.  I’m going to try Kennen this week after watching people play her on the LCS.

The one I still haven’t decided on is a mid AP carry.  The one I liked best was Anivia, but I haven’t found one I love.  I’m going to try Twisted Fate, but we’ll see how it goes.

Usually, I just let everyone else choose their role and fill in, so I need to have a champion for each role.  Now that I almost have one for each, I’ll be able to feel a little more free to experiment.

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