All flavors of The Walking Dead

A couple of weeks ago, Stephanie found a deal for season 1 of The Walking Dead game by TellTale Games.  She’s not exactly into zombies but is a long time adventure gamer and we love most of the TellTale episodic adventure games so we gave it a try.

The Walking Dead was actually the first comic I really read and is still by far the one I’ve purchased the most but I haven’t read it in a while.  It was going to be interesting to see multiple stories being told in the same universe.

All in all, the game was really good with a couple of quirks.  You expect a certain level of grossness but episode 2 took the cake there.

One of the central concepts of the game is forcing you to make really bad choices, like picking which of two people to save from dying.  While this is a cool idea, in trying to make the choices as fifty-fifty as possible they kind of make everyone equally unlikable, which makes me care a little less about the choices.

The way they handle the tense action events can be really cool.  In one situation I had to grab a shotgun, grab a shell and shoot a zombie essentially on a timer while it came towards me.  This seemed simple enough but my character fumbled loading the gun which had the desired effect of freaking me out.  Sometimes though the sequence is just you mashing a button, which takes something away from the experience.

I don’t want it to sound like I disliked the game though.  It was really great.  It made us both cry, which doesn’t happen a lot in games.  I’ve tried to avoid any spoilers but it’s definitely worth checking out.

After playing the game I was inspired to go back to the show.  I’d watched the first season when it came out but never picked up the second or third seasons.  Having read the comics it’s interesting to see how they diverge.  You’re never really sure if someone is going to die because what happened in the books is no indication, which is great.

Of course, this led me back to where it all started, the comics.  I had a couple of trade paperbacks that I bought for a plane ride but never read.  I just finished the 10th and I realize how different the style feels to the show.  I’m not sure if it’s just the black and white art or the medium but I feel like they are a totally different experience, but I like them both.  I have some catching up to do as there are 8 more trade paperbacks for me to read but they really do get expensive.  I’m sure something else will catch my attention soon enough.

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