An Electronic Diversion

For the last few months, miniature games have taken a bit of a back seat due to life circumstances.  They’re very rewarding but they can be time consuming.  Going to the store and playing a game can take me 4+ hours.  It can be hard to get much done in a short painting session.  Also, video games are possible to play with my wife and so have taken center stage.  Here’s the roundup of what I’ve been playing.

As I mentioned, I played and finished Bioshock: Infinite.  This was not a great game for my wife to watch as the fighting to plot ratio was very high and much of the combat was uninteresting, nauseating or both.  The combat was unnecessarily bloody and swinging around on sky-hooks was vertigo educing.  It was a lot of fun though, and I’m glad I played it.

My wife and our brothers and I have continued to play Star Wars the Old Republic.  It is still the most interesting MMO I’ve played, due to having an actual story.  We don’t really care about endgame content so it’s kept us interested.  My wife and I have started trying the level 51-55 content and have started Sith characters.  The double XP weekends make leveling a bit less painful.

After hearing about it on Penny Arcade, the four of us also tried Monaco.  It is an insane blast.  We die quite often and it is somehow still fun, which I love in a game.  The visual style is really cool, the music is wonderful and we can even play it with our XBOX controllers.  We’ve even taken to playing it our new projector, just for fun.  Simultaneous co-op games are great for a group.  Our go to games otherwise were New Super Mario Bros Wii and Artemis, but this is the new leader.

The game I’ve been playing the most has been League of Legends.  It appeals a lot to me because I can just zone out and play for 45 minutes.  There is thinking in the game but it’s more reacting than brain-burning thought.  The free-to-play model is really nice, since you can try it out quite a bit and pay for things if you want.  There’s so much variety in the champion selection that even the same old game doesn’t get that old.  The champions I’ve purchased(not with real money) are Miss Fortune, Pantheon, Sona, Soraka, and Volibear.  With these, I can play any of the common roles that people prefer you to do in the game and they all have some really cool attributes.  I’m interested in trying Ezrael in this week’s free champion rotation.  Being able to try out new champions each week is really cool.


Since my game playing is currently video game heavy, I’ll make sure to report on that more rather than just leaving it off.  The site is called Eclectic Gamer after all!

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