Lord of the Rings LCG Solo: Passed through Mirkwood

I have continued playing the Lord of the Rings LCG solo over the past week.  I finished playing through the Passage Through Mirkwood 10 times and started on Journey Down the Anduin.  I’ve made some changes to my deck, and I’m not sure if I’ll need more for this next quest.  I also realized I was doing my scoring wrong.

Check out my previous post on my plays here.

About 8 games through Passage Through Mirkwood, I realized that I needed even more allies in my deck.  Ideally, I like it when the deck can keep its threat low and have Dunhere attack enemies in the staging area.  The problem came when I either get 2 or more low threat enemies or get a ~30 threat enemy before I can lower my threat.  Aragorn has a pretty high threat cost, so it’s hard to maintain.  Adding more allies allows me to take care of either of these situations.  I added 3 Wandering Tooks and 3 Eomunds.  Eowyn is nice for having duplicate uniques, since she can discard for additional leadership.  I removed 2 The Favor of the Lady and 3 Strength of Will.  I will want to do another look at the deck as a whole soon.

Adding the allies made the games go much more smoothly.

As I did the Journey Down the Anduin, I realized that this deck is terrible at the first part of the quest and awesome at the second part.  Taking out the Hill Troll is really difficult.  Between Dunhere and the allies who can place progress tokens on locations in the staging area, the second part of the quest is really easy.  I won the first game but with a score of 179.

As I was looking at this and othes’ scores, I realized that I was scoring my games incorrectly, adding my starting threat to the final threat, essentially double counting it.

I’m digging the deck, but we’ll see how it does in this next quest.  I’m also thinking of making a second deck with Tactics and Lore, since I’m not using those cards in my current deck.  It seems like it will be a different experience.

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