The Digital Comic Conundrum

Recently, a new Star Wars comic book series was released by Dark Horse.  It takes place between episodes IV and V and I was excited to read it.  However, I was in what started out as a minor conundrum over whether to buy the physical comic or a digital version.  Tougher than it sounds.

There is a great Android/iOS app called Comixology where you can buy digital copies of thousands of comics from all the major publishers, except Dark Horse interestingly enough, they have their own app. You can even get them on the same day a print copy.  Pretty cool.  They are the same price as the print copy too.

There was the problem.  The collector in me can’t see why I wouldn’t want the physical copy at the same price.  If I didn’t act soon, I wouldn’t get the first run copy, angering collector me even further.

Then a friend sent me a code to download the first issue. She writes a lot about comics and was trying to get me hooked back in. So I figured I’d try it and I could think on it a little longer.

I intend to write something on this later, but I tend toward some nerd ADD. This month it’s Warmachine, next it’s SWTOR, then comics, then reading Game of Thrones, next a Star Trek marathon, then a D&D campaign, then Infinity, then terrain building. On and on it goes, and I’m totally cool with that, but comics become a storage problem in a small apartment, especially if you’re OCD about taking care of them.

Last go-round with comics I got a bunch of trade paperbacks and went crazy with World War Hulk, buying missed issues on EBay and getting nice bags, boards and boxes. Eventually, I just got rid of the issues because they were just too much of a pain.

This became the question, digital or physical.  Eventually I decided that if I was that torn, I should err on the side of having less crap in the house. Alas, the collector in me was defeated like it was Mass Effect.

This decision has caused another problem. Digital comics are way too accessible! I no longer have to wait for a trade paperback, or scour eBay or go to Midtown Comics for the next book, it’s just a click away.  It really is pretty cool.  It’s easy to spend a lot of money, but being able to have any issue you want and accessing it from all your devices is just too awesome.  I definitely made the right choice.

Readings currently are The Justice League, X-Factor, Batman: Death of the Family and Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe.  Funny thing is that the second issue of Star Wars hasn’t even come out yet…

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