Dust 514

So the PS3 game Dust 514 came across my Google News last week and it seemed really interesting.  Not so much the game itself as much as everything else about the game.

Dust 514 takes place in the Eve Online universe.  Not only is it in the universe, but it connects directly to Eve.  Players in this free-to-play first-person-shooter are hired by Corporations in Eve to conduct these battles and the results will impact the MMO.  That’s crazy.

I read that the reason the game is free is to get people into the universe of Eve since it’s so complicated.  I’ve never tried it but my brother was into it big for a while.  You can purchase upgrades but the company says it won’t be “Pay-to-win”.  I suck so much at FPSs that I don’t even think that would be possible for me.

The game is sort of a blocky sci-fi game with everyone in space suits so graphics don’t need to be that great.  Think a little better than the first Halo.

The beta was fun.  Definitely not something I would personally pay for but it was a fun distraction.  Give it a look if you have a PS3, it’s free!

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