How ’bout that Faction: Khador

Khador is sort of a contradiction for me.  I love the look of the big chunky ‘jacks and the defining characteristics are slow and high ARM.  While this is cool, competitively speaking I don’t see them on the table a lot.  I find Warmachine to be a difficult game to play casually, especially in our group since you can be done on turn 2 or 3 without having done much.  This is the main thing that has kept me from Khador, not feeling like I can play the models I like.
Caster-wise, there are a handful that I like.  Both Sorschas, both Butchers, Strackoff an possibly the Irusks.

I actually love to paint red, so I would be really excited about the painting aspect.

I’m mostly so-so on the infantry and I really dislike the Man-o-war models.  I love the ‘jacks but don’t particularly care for the ‘jack casters, leaving me in a weird place.

I bought a couple of the plastic ‘jack kits(before I heard about the starter set), the Butcher and Sorscha and I won the great bears at Templecon a couple of years back but I haven’t painted any of them.


  • Cool ‘jacks.  The Conquest is crazy awesome
  • Fun casters
  • Fun to paint


  • Lots of effective infantry that I don’t really like
  • Hard to paint
  • Models I like aren’t the most effective

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