Journeyman Gators: Week 2

Our Journeyman league went over Thanksgiving so we skipped a week.  We were allowed to do painting in the extra week but I was out of town so I couldn’t take advantage of it.  Last week it was time for week 2.

I was allowed to add 4 points to my Blindwater Congregation box for a total of 15 points.  I was thinking of going with 2 croak hunters, but the Bull Snapper was too good to pass up, so in went the Swamp Gobbers too.  The Bull Snapper’s animus is a huge boon to the gators.  Barnabas with DEF 16 ARM 20 in melee is not easy to kill and with all the jacks and beasts because of the battle boxes, the extra damage comes into play.

In my first game I played Tim, our press ganger with his Menoth.  It was a funny feat-mirror match.  I was able to avoid all his shooting with swamp pits and high armor but he feat out threated me.  I managed to coax in one of his jacks.  The wrastler failed to scrap it with some bad dice but the spitter took out a light all by himself.  Tim also had some terrible dice on his next turn and my beasts lived.  At that point it was an attrition game and I took out the other jack.  The game ended when the spitter trampled over his choir to make a path for Barnabas who finished off Kreoss.

In my second game I played against Tom with his Circle.  Tom added shifting stones to his force.  He kept sending up the two arguses to shoot me and teleported them back.  The effects he kept putting on me combined with his higher threat meant I couldn’t do much but advance.  I got a shot on his Warp wolf and cranked the damage hitting him for 14.  This turned the game around a little bit.  Barnabas charged an argus and made 2 attacks before I remembered to pop my feat.  Oops.  Killed that and the spitter actually got a shot on knocked down, not stealthed Kaya, doing some good damage.  At this point, I put up some animi and played defense.  I got to use warpath to get the wrastler to Kaya and killed her after two turns and some bad dice.

Tom was still figuring out placement with the stones and Kaya’s teleport so I had more opportunities than I normally would.  It seemed like a crazy combination.


I’m still learning order of operations with Barnabas.  Hordes is already more complicated than Warmachine.  Trying to place the swamp pits in empty space before you advance plus trying to get your defensive animi up takes some practice and I’m still learning.  The gators are a little pillow-fisted as some have said so I’m excited to try Calaban or Rask as they have ways to help that out.

I had to miss week 3 due to work issues so I missed my first week with the Posse.  Next week allows a caster switch so I won’t have to miss a point jump.

I have gotten a lot of painting done, which has been fun.  I’ll be doing some posts on that later as I’ve been working on ways of quickly painting them up which might be helpful for people.


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