Journeyman Gators?

So our store starts a Journeyman league this week and I’ll finally be able to bust out my Gators.  I started them last Journeyman but only got to play 1 week before real life intervened.

The reasons I chose Gators for this are that they are cool, easy to paint and easy to collect.

As I wrote in my How ’bout that faction, I think the Gators are really cool seeming and I’m excited to have the army, regardless of how much I will actually play it.

With my Cryx army, the plan was to have a simple painting plan and just get everything done.  It doesn’t need to be the greatest quality.  I feel like the Gators will fit this style nicely as well.  Since the Journeyman league gives points for painting completion over quality, this is the perfect push to get them done.

I like the idea that there are so few models for Blindwater that they will be really easy to collect.  I already own nearly all of the models and the completeist in me will like owning a whole faction painted.


With that being said about the painting, here’s the plan:

  • Prime black
  • Basecoat dark green with an airbrush
  • Drybrush with 2 shades of green
  • Wash with brown/green/black wash
  • Basecoat tummies with light brown
  • Drybrush tummies with brown-yellow
  • Pick out bones and teeth with bone
  • Basecoat wood and leather with dark brown
  • Drybrush with light brown
  • Basecoat metal with silver
  • Wash everything with brown

This should allow me to get a nice look very quickly.  I will be painting the non-gator models differently, but I’ll figure them out later.

I’ll keep you updated on the progress!

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