Warstore Weekend 50 Point Steamroller

After the late night on Friday at The Warstore Weekend playing in the 35 point Steamroller, I was pretty pumped up about playing Retribution.  My original plan was to play in Saturday evening’s Hardcore tournament with my Cryx(who are fully painted) but 2 things changed my mind.  First, I was having a blast playing Retribution, especially Kaelyssa.  Second, the TO announced on Friday that they would start the Hardcore whenever the Steamroller was over, whether that was early or late.  I thought that this was pretty odd.  Starting late I understand but that they would start early potentially making people miss it I didn’t like.  With that the 50 point Steamroller was on!

I wanted to play the same casters and I basically took my 35 point lists and added on to them.

  • Rahn
    • Phoenix
    • Chimera
    • Hyperion
    • Aspis
  • Stormfall Archers
  • Stormfall Archers
  • 2x Arcanist
  • Epic Eiryss
  • Mage Hunter Assassin
  • (1 point short)

Reinforcements:  2x Destor Thane, Mage Hunter Assassin

  • Kaelyssa
    • Phoenix
    • Banshee
    • Sylys Wyshnalyrr
  • Max Sentinals
    • UA
  • Max Magehunter Strikeforce
    • UA
  • Lady Aiyana and Master Holt
  • Arcanist
  • 2x Mage Hunter Assassin
  • Stormfall Archers

Reinforcements:  Phoenix


Game 1:

Oddly enough, my first round opponent was my first round opponent from the previous event, Anthony with his Cygnar.  Anthony was great, so this was great to see.  His lists were Darius with a Stormwall or pCaine with 2 Stormwalls.  After our last game, I was afraid of putting out Kaelyssa against all the Gunmages or pCaine who could mow her army down, so Rahn it was.  3 Colossals, nice.

I went first and moved up, as did he.  On turn 2 I started dropping AOEs on the Gunmages, taking out almost a whole unit and some of the Black 13th.  I ended up dropping Polarity Shield off the Hyperion, thinking he would be more apt to shoot with the Stormwalls and that I would use the focus elsewhere.  That was a mistake as he charged with both and scrapped it, also taking out some solos with electroleaps.  So now I was in a tough spot.  Even if I took out one of the Stormwalls, which was iffy, the other one would go to town on me.  Caine was almost to the edge of the killbox behind a forest but would that stop Rahn?  Of course not.  The Chimera apparition moved forward around a building on my right.  The arcanist gave him a focus to run and he ran around the building and forest putting his toe in to get LOS on Caine.  Rahn had to charge my own Phoenix to get the Chimera in his control area, but he did it.  I then popped feat and messed up.  I cast Force Hammer and hit Caine knocking him down and out of range for another spell.  Had I cast Chain Blast first, I think I would have won right there.  Couldn’t get any more spells out.  The stormfalls shot some AOEs hoping to get a good deviation but failed.  Rahn got some Stormwall love and that was it.

There were some dice to consider but I think choosing the wrong spells did me in.  I’m just so used to slamming something else over the caster, leaving them in the same place or sometimes closer.  One more thing learned.

Game 2:

This game I was up against Rob from a nearby store with Nemo 3 and pStryker, both with Stormwalls.  I was a little afraid of a super high armor Stormwall but Kaelyssa seemed like the way to go, especially with a bunch of buildings on the table.  Rob chose  Nemo 3.

Rob went first and I came up, feated, arced Backlash onto the Stormwall and proceeded to miss or fail to damage the Stormwall with nearly all my Mage Hunters, doing only 3 damage to Nemo.  Rolled a lot of 9s needing 10+ on 3 dice.

The feat helped a ton keeping my army alive and I didn’t lose much other than some assassins.  The next turn Nemo tried hiding behind a building, not realizing that the Strikeforce ignores LOS.  I got him with 3 aimed shots getting him down to 2.  At this point, I just started shooting at the Stormwall as the backlash was more likely than hitting Nemo on 8s and that was game.  Even if I couldn’t get to Nemo, I think that the Stormwall was in trouble with the strikeforce and the sentinels.

Game 3:

This round I got paired up with Henry from my store.  He was rocking pSkarre with a Kraken and 2 Wraith Engines.  I picked Kaelyssa to try to take down the Kraken.

Henry went first and I made a stupid gamble trying to get backlash on the Kraken, missing by only about half an inch.  I did feat but I forgot about the Wraith Engine’s apparition move.  With that, they could get in range and with the corpse tokens, one took out the whole unit of mage hunters.  Skarre feated leaving me with some high armor huge bases.

The Kraken was tucked back behind the engines so was harder to get to.  Between the sentinel vengeance attacks and their activation and the stormfalls I took down both engines, which surprised both me and Henry.  The Kraken and Blackbane’s started to whittle me down.  I got backlash on the Kraken and managed to take it halfway out and get 10 damage on Skarre.  He then took out almost my whole army and healed Skarre.  At this point I ran Kaelyssa toward Skarre hoping to survive and take some shots at Skarre next turn.  That didn’t happen, and I lost.

I made 2 big mistakes, trying too early for the backlash and misjudging the wraith engine distance.  Had I not done those, the mage hunters and Phoenix would have survived and I would have been able to dish out even more damage.  Neither Henry or I realized how much damage I could dish out even on the feat turn and 10 more mage hunters might have been able to take out the Kraken too.

Game 4:

In round 4, I was paired up with Raphael and his Trolls.  He went with eDoomshaper and I chose Kaelyssa since I wanted to see how the Phoenix as reinforcements worked.

I went second and my feat kept the Kriels and reinforcement tuffalos off me.  My sentinels then whiffed so much that Raphael even suggested that I switch dice.  Long story short, I didn’t space my models out properly and a goaded Mulg hit me in the face.  Not my finest hour.


There was a 5th round but I was dead tired so I was out.

I had a blast and learned some more about my army.  I wish I had gotten some more games in with Hyperion but I’m glad he was only in one list as I think that makes it a little less predictable.  I’ll be making one final Warstore Weekend post with my final thoughts after my 8 tournament games.

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