How ’bout that faction: Minions

I don’t want to give away the thesis of the article, but Gators are cool.  The most recent faction, the minions are limited but very characterful.

The minions have 2 sub factions, Pigs and Gators(Farrow and Gatormen if you’re fancy).  They’re pretty limited, even more so than mercenaries, in that they have relatively few units and warbeasts.  Additionally, their beasts can’t cross sub factions.  Gator beasts can only be controlled by gator warlocks.  That being said, each one if very cool and it’s not hard to collect the whole faction.

The faction isn’t quite as competitive as others, though can do well as I’ve seen with Sevwal(on the PP forums) who plays at my shop.  To me, that is more than made up for by how fun and characterful they are.  Also, Rask the new gator warlock was in the most recent No Quarter and seems like he might be pretty good and helps gators where they are lacking.

I started a Gator army for a journeyman league last year but had to drop out due to some home stuff.  We are starting another journeyman league next week and I intend to bust out the gators again.  I would like to try the Farrow at some point, but I would rather get everything for Gators than having some stuff for each.  I am painting a Road Hog for Project Orange Crush Hunger and it’s pretty cool, so I might be inspired at some point.


  • Cool Models
  • Characterful
  • Easy to collect whole army


  • Few options
  • Less competitive

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