Warstore Weekend 35 point Steamroller

Last Friday night, I attended the 35 point Steamroller at The Warstore Weekend.  I’ve been wanting to get into playing my Retribution for a while and I was using this event as a way to get in a bunch of practice with them in a competitive environment.
I knew I wanted to take Rahn as he is very competitive and I am the most familiar with him.  I went with Kaelyssa as my other list.  I like her feat and I wanted to see how I like her style at higher points levels.  Here are the lists took:

  • Rahn
    • Phoenix
    • Chimera
  • Houseguard Halberdiers
    • UA
  • Stormfall Archers
  • Stormfall Archers
  • Arcanist
  • Epic Eiryss
  • Magister

Reinforcements:  Destor Thane, Mage Hunter Assassin, Arcanist

  • Kaelyssa
    • Phoenix
    • Sylys Wyshnalyrr
  • Max Sentinals
    • UA
  • Max Magehunter Strikeforce
    • UA
  • Lady Aiyana and Master Holt
  • Arcanist
  • 2x Mage Hunter Assassin

Reinforcements:  Stormfall archers, Ghost Sniper

Game 1:

In game 1, I played against Anthony with his Cygnar.  Both lists had a Stormwall, one with eStryker and 1 with eCaine.  I took Kaelyssa wanting to backlash myself a Colossal.

He took eCaine with the Stormwall, Gun Mages with UA, squire, Reinholt, Black 13th, and Rangers.  The scenario was where we had a 8″ circle zone to control on our left on the opponent’s side of the table.

I knew that my sentinels wouldn’t be able to do much but sprint across the table to get stuck in.  The feat only protected them so much as Caine and the gun mages could ignore stealth.  This was when I realized that if he can ignore that much stealth, Kaelyssa wasn’t a great choice.  She had to stay behind an obstacle or get shot in the face by Caine.  The stormwall actually stayed way back away from the strikeforce for most of the game.  After my force had been decimated a good amount, I was running out of options.  I tried to score a point, but made a mistake charging with the phoenix instead of trampling.  After that, I went all out trying to get 3 shots with a true sighted Kaelyssa on Caine.  Needed 13s to hit and actually got the first one for 9 damage but the last 2 missed and I was done.

Anthony was a great opponent.  Even though I was getting trounced we both had a great time.  I learned a lot about how to play Kaelyssa I think.  You have to know exactly when you plan to pop your feat and get your distances right.  If you do, you should be able to keep it to 1 round of being shot, which I failed to do.

Game 2:

In game 2, I was up against Chris playing Mercenaries with Ashlynn.  He only had one list.  I also had not played the Stormfall Archers at all and wanted to try them too.  Also, Ashlynn’s high defense was going to be the biggest obstacle to killing her, and Rahn is great at getting at that.

I went first.  Each of our first turns we both ran up.  I put polarity shield on the halberdiers who actually shieldwalled and reformed forward.  On my turn 2, I noticed that he had put Ashlynn behind his heavy jack.  The Arcanist gave the Phoenix a focus.  The Phoenix ran up into arc node range of Ashlynn and the Heavy.  Rahn feated, cast force hammer on the jack and slammed it back over Ashlynn.  A note that is important to remember when using force hammer is that larger models go over smaller ones.  The larger model stays in place and anything it lands on gets pushed in whatever direction moves it the least.  Don’t let people push the moved over model out of your range if that isn’t the correct ruling.  Anyway, Ashlynn is on her back and takes some of the collateral damage.  Rahn then hits her with a chain blast which killed her.  If that hadn’t worked, I had plenty of Stormfalls within 21″ which would have done the job.

The game was sadly short.  I’ve been trying to restrain myself from going for quick assassination attempts which leave me dead or at a disadvantage if they fail, but this one seemed like a pretty sure deal.  I had the collateral damage, and 9 boosted POW 12s between chain blast and Stormfall Archers.

Game 3:

In game 3 I played against another Chris playing Menoth.  I went for Kaelyssa since she has Ayana and Holt to give the mage hunters magic weapons to get around that stupid choir if need be.  Chris chose eFeora.  The scenario was a flank scenario with reinforcements.

I was able to run up the Mage Hunter Assassins to contest the far flag and the sentinels went to control my close flag.  The Strikeforce and the Phoenix were holding my flags.  Using the feat forced him to run into my lines with daughters of the flame and temple flame guard.  I was able to score 2 control points by clearing off the close flag and running an assassin to the far flag.  He managed to contest it back, but was forced to play defensive.  My reinforcements were able to help clear off my close flag but the archers were awkward to use coming on like that.  There was a lot of attrition on both sides and he hadn’t used his feat yet but I think that I was in a good position to pull it out but he clocked out on the deathclock.

This was a brutal game with massive losses on both sides.  I was feeling a little rushed and I know I put my models in danger when some thinking would have helped a lot.  His cleansers shouldn’t have been allowed to kill so many models, but they did.  Chris was a great opponent and I learned a lot, but I may have been in trouble.

Game 4:

So I was 2-1 going into the last round, but it was 1:30 in the morning when we started.  I was playing against Ray who only had a single eLylyth list.  He kept making it clear how important winning this game was to him so that he could qualify for Masters on Sunday.  I realized that I could probably qualify with a win too.  I chose Rahn as it was late and I was more familiar with him.

I went up with polarity shield on the halberdiers and a node on each side.  He came up and took a shot or two and cast shadow pack.  On my second turn, I decided to make one of those ill-fated turn 2 assassinations I mentioned.  I was tired and I figured that either way, the game would be over and I could stop thinking.  Also, playing against eLylyth isn’t the most fun thing, so I wouldn’t have to do that much longer either.

Lylyth was behind a bolt thrower.  The Chimera apparitioned forward.  The arcanist gave him a focus and it ran up.  Rahn, charged my own model to get the distance, popped feat and slammed the bolt thrower over Lylyth, doing some damage and knocking her down.  Alas, she was 5.5″ from the chimera and the chain blasts didn’t get her, nor did the stormfall shots.  Had I taken a more direct path with the chimera the previous turn, it probably would have worked.  The halberdiers charged and clogged some things up.  I forgot their followup move though, which did not help.

His turn one of the bolt throwers frenzied.  He popped feat and took some shots.  Basically only the ravagore could hit Rahn.  1 shot hit and caught him some fire and the other missed.  The raptors and warspears did some damage all around.

Somehow, I survived but I had fire on me.  The fire had to stay and he had to roll a 9 on the fire to kill Rahn, which is exactly what happened.  I knew I was in trouble after my botched turn but when my turn 3 started, I had a really good chance of winning, but the dice said no.

Ray had an unorthidox list that I think I could have attritioned really well against if I played more conservatively, but my heart just wasn’t in it.  Plus I wanted to try to eLylyth the eLylyth player, so sue me.


First off, I had a blast.  I had some great games against some great opponents.  I got to bed after 3AM and I still had a ton of fun.  I got in 2 games with Kaelyssa, my first games with both the Sentinels and the Mage Hunter Strikeforce.  I had some trip-ups with both but I am glad that I waited to use both until I had some games under my belt without them so that they weren’t a crutch.  I also got to try out the stormfall archers for the first time.  Again, I didn’t quite get to use them to their full potential, but I was able to see how they can be great.

I got to most out of how to use Kaelyssa.  Her feat can be potent, especially when playing a scenario, but I need more practice with it.  Her gun is interesting because with true sight, she can take 3 shots and deal some damage, but you have to be careful how close you get her, so it can be a trap.

I really liked both the lists and I don’t think there’s much I would change other than in the reinforcements.  7 points is a weird number, but I think that it’s important to have some mobile solos who can help with objectives.

Let me know if you have any questions about the tournament, my lists, or my experiences with Retribution in general.

I’ll be writing about the 50 point steamroller soon.

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