Android Warroom update

My phone and Nook running Android just got an update for Privateer Press’s Warroom app.  It says that it fixes what has been my biggest problem with the app.

Whenever you would switch to another app or go to the home screen and attempt to reopen the app, it would crash and you’d have to relaunch it.

I noticed that it still did this on one occasion but before it would crash when you try to open it 3 seconds later.  As I said this was the biggest issue I had with the app previously and it is now much easier to use as a reference when it’s not crashing if you need to do something else.

There are some other little changes like showing whether each deck is owned, and actually showing the names of factions instead of just symbols.  Since I bought the whole pack and thought that the symbols were fine, none of this really bothers me.  I’m happy.

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