My Warstore Weekend recap

I was lucky enough to attend the Warstore weekend before the storm hit this past weekend.  I’ll be posting about the two tournaments I played in in later posts but I wanted to give an overview of my weekend first.
Going in, I was intending on playing in the 35 point steamroller on Friday with Retribution and in the 35 point hardcore on Saturday with my Cryx.

I arrived for the 7PM event on Friday and got four games in with Rahn and Kaelyssa.  It was crazy and I didn’t get home until after 3AM, and I only live 15 minutes away.  I had some great games and got valuable experience with Kaelyssa especially as well as a number of new units I’d never played before.

I was so pumped about playing Retribution that I decided to get up early to play in the 50 point Steamroller the next morning, likely forgoing the Hardcore that night due to tiredness.

The 50 point was great as I got to play very similar lists at a higher point total.  I also got to bust out the Hyperion which everyone was excited to see.

I had a lot of fun getting to have 8 tournament games with Retribution in less than 24 hours.  I was the only Retribution player in either tournament, which is fun in its own way.  I’ll be writing up each of the tournaments later but I had a blast and learned a lot about the army.


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