I got a can for ‘ya Lists

As I have said, I am going to be attending the Warstore Weekend next week.  I would like to get to playing my Retribution more and what better way to learn than to throw myself into a convention.  The first tournament on Friday night is ‘I got a can for ya!!!’, a 35 point, 2 list Steamroller with 7 point reinforcements.  I’ve got some lists in mind which I shall share here, and update pending any changes.

For the 2 casters, I’ve decided on Rahn and Kaelyssa.  I’m the most familiar with Rahn and he’s very competitive.  I’ve been wanting to play more Kaelyssa and with Colossals coming out, backlash is looking even nicer.

  • Rahn
    • Phoenix
    • Chimera
  • Houseguard Halberdiers
    • UA
  • Stormfall Archers
  • Stormfall Archers
  • Arcanist
  • Epic Eiryss
  • Magister

Reinforcements:  Destor Thane, Mage Hunter Assassin, Arcanist

  • Kaelyssa
    • Banshee
    • Sylys Wyshnalyrr
  • Max Sentinals
    • UA
  • Max Magehunter Strikeforce
    • UA
  • Lady Aiyana and Master Holt
  • Arcanist
  • 2x Mage Hunter Assassin

Reinforcements:  Stormfall archers, Ghost Sniper

Starting with Rahn, I just got the Stormfall archers and I wanted to try them out.  With the amount of knockdown Rahn can dish out, it should be easy for the archers to drop boosted damage rolls into things.  I then went with the Halberdiers to hold the middle with polarity shield.  Typical Rahn jacks with arcnodes.  I have epic Eiryss to help deal with upkeeps.  The magister is iffy, I could replace him with a mage hunter assassin easily.

I’ll note that I tend to like to play Rahn as a support caster, not as a vehicle for boosted magic shots.  The feat turn is nice with a bunch of mages, but his ability to move models with TK, turn enemies around, and knock things down aids every model in the army.  The feat turn on just himself is just a bonus at that point.

I am considering dropping 1 unit of stormfalls to upgrade the chimera to a phoenix and another arcanist for more punch and tougher arcnodes.

With Kaelyssa, I am trying the Magehunter Strikeforce for the first time.  I must be the only Retribution player that hasn’t used them but I hate relying on ranged units as it can make for a boring game.  They’re great with Kaelyssa as they can get safety from charges from the feat and can take down jacks while endangering the caster with backlash.  The feat should allow the Sentinels to get the charge and take the middle in scenarios.

I am not sure if I’d prefer the Phoenix to the Banshee.  Both give some hard hitting power.  The Phoenix adds the arcnode for Kaelyssa and some troop clearance.  The Banshee with knockdown potentially ignoring LOS is pretty cool too.  I’m not sure on this.

I will also note that after I made this list, I realized that it is exactly the same as the list they used on Chain Attack for Kaelyssa if I replace the Banshee with the Phoenix.  I guess the style and synergies just stuck in my head.

Character restriction-wise, Sylys will help with all Kaelyssa’s upkeeps.  Aiyana and Holt will help the strikeforce deal with menoth or taking down some big nasties.  Since Kaelyssa has some limited upkeep denial, eEiryss goes with Rahn.

That is my plan for this tournament.  I haven’t played much with Kaelyssa and not at all with the Stormfall Archers or the Strikeforce so any advice for them would be great.  I’ll post any changes I make to the lists and how I do afterward.

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