Extra life – Gaming for Childrens’ hospitals

This weekend my wife, friends and I will be having a gaming marathon for Extra Life.

If you aren’t familiar with it, it is a 24 hour gaming marathon which works like a walk-a-thon.  You get people to pledge money to you for how much you games.  It started off as a video game thing but has expanded to board gaming as well.  Extra Life partners with the Children’s Miracle Network and all proceeds go to a hospital of your choice, in our case a hospital where one of our friends works.

Inspired by The D6 Generation, we decided to join in ourselves and will be hosting a marathon with our friends this weekend.

If you are somehow able, get in on it yourself.  Start your own Extra Life page or donate to someone who is.  The D6G guys are giving away some prizes for donating so give them a shot.

We hope to play some board games like Arkham Horror and Zombicide.  We’ll be rocking some The Secret World and SWTOR and hopefully some party Wii games.  If some of my Warmachine people show up I might be able to get some of that in.

Check out our page here.

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