The Warstore Weekend Lists

I’ve purchased my ticket for The Warstore Weekend which takes place on Oct 26-28 right in my back yard.  I signed up for all of the tournaments and I’ll plan lists for all of them, but I’m a wuss, so we’ll see how many I actually get through.

The tournaments are:

  • I Got a Can for Ya – Friday Evening – 35 point Steamroller with reinforcements
  • Fittin’ to Roll on Ya – Saturday Morning – 50 point Steamroller with reinforcements
  • Smash and Grab – Saturday Evening – 35 point Hardcore
  • Hell on Wheels – Saturday Midnight – 25 point Death Race Steamroller
  • Masters/Bark at the moon – Sunday Morning – 50 point Divide and Conquer for those qualified/25 point Mangled Metal

The ones I’d most like to attend are I Got a Can for Ya and the Hardcore.  I’m not sure I could handle 2 tournaments in a day, so the 50 point Steamroller might be out, similarly for the Midnight Death Race.  So I’ll be making lists for all the tournaments, but I will definitely do those 2.  If I somehow qualify for Masters, I’ll probably do it, but if not, I might need a rest day.

I’d like to start playing Retribution, so I’ll do that for everything but Hardcore.  I’ll have to play my Cryx for that for the painting requirement, but everything else I’ll try out with Retribution.  Even if I’m not as familiar with them, there’s no better way to learn than at a tournament.

I’ll be posting the evolution of my lists over the next couple of weeks and I’ll let you know how I do when the time comes.

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