How ’bout that faction: Skorne

In this edition of How ’bout that faction, I’ll discuss Skorne, one of the factions I have the fewest models for.
While I do have only the battle box plus some support and eMorghul for Skorne, they are a faction I keep reconsidering.

I really like every thing in the battle box.  From there I like all the cyclopses, the paingivers and the guardians including the immortals.  Generally the infantry I don’t like and I also dislike the other titans.  This sort of limits my options with the faction if I only use the things I think are really cool.  Caster-wise only the Morghuls really jump out at me but some of the others like the Makedas are okay, further limiting my options.

Some of their synergies seem really cool which might warm me to additional models.  I really like the idea of collecting your own souls, but that’s hard not liking the infantry.  For Legion, I have a limited selection of models I like, but a lot of casters I like which work will with those models.  Skorne doesn’t seem to have that for me.

On the down side, they look to be heavily weighted toward attrition, which could get old and make for more boring games.


  • Subset of the models are really cool
  • Interesting Synergies
  • Some really strong models that seem fun to play


  • Limited love of the line of models
  • Potential style issues
  • Limited interest in casters

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