Rahn with Hyperion battle report

This past Thursday, I finally got a chance to play with the Hyperion during the Dark Secrets league.  I chose to go with Rahn since he his the caster I am most familiar with since I was trying out the Hyperion.

I mentioned the list I used in a previous post but I’ll repeat it here.

50 Rahn

  • Rahn
    • Hyperion
    • Phoenix
  • Max Dawnguard Invictors
    • Officer and Standard
  • 2x Arcanist
  • Arcantrik Force Generator
  • Magister
  • Mage Hunter Assassin

I had meant to use Lanyssa Ryssyl instead of the Magister but I had the wrong list in Warroom.

We ended up rolling the Occupy scenario which meant that we were both trying to control a wide rectangle in the center of the table.

Rob was playing with Kara Sloan.  He also had a Thunderhead, Hunter, Defender, Arlan Strangeways, The Piper, Reinholt, Squire, Gun Mages with UA controlling a Cyclone, Min Stormblades and Min Stormguard.

Having two huge bases, I had a nice big pre-deployment.  Rob deployed and went first.  I decided to put the Force Generator on one side of center and the Hyperion on the other.  I put the Hyperion on the right because there seemed to be more room up field for his base.

Rahn and the Phoenix went in the middle with the Invictors on the left.  The Arcanists hung out with the jacks.


First turn Rob mostly ran things up.  On my first turn things also ran up.  I put Polarity Shield on the Hyperion, TKed up the Force Generator since he’s so slow.


On Rob’s second turn, he moved up, with surprisingly few things in the zone and unloaded on the Hyperion.  He took regular, Reinholt and feat shots from Sloan, the Defender, and the Hunter.  The Gunmages hit some invictors and the force generator.  All in all, the storm wasn’t too bad.  He ended up with just the Thunderhead running into the zone.  I think that this was to contest and protect his gun line behind the storm nouns.


I seemed to have the perfect opportunity to deal some damage and score a control point.  Hyperion got 3 focus and the Phoenix got 1.  The Magister hit the Thunderhead and whip-snapped the Phoenix forward.  The arcanists repaired and gave powerbooster to the Hyperion.  Since the Hyperion would hit the Thunderhead on 6s, which is not great, he needed some help.  Rahn then casts Telekenesis through the Phoenix to move the Thunderhead back and turn it around.  Rahn then moves back to some safety.  Hyperion charges in, and buys attacks until the Thunderhead is toast.  With the ease of hitting he was left with a focus.

The Phoenix then comes up to the storms on my right and combusts, killing half of them with 2 others making tough rolls.  The Invictors and the Generator move up and take out all but 1 of the storm nouns on the left.  I can’t remember which is which as they didn’t do much in the game.  The generator slams the cyclone, knocking it down.  The assassin ran up into the forest hoping to either get the drop on Sloan or at least get her attention.  This game was tough for the assassin because if she came out, Sloan could pop her.  Finally, I score a control point.


On Rob’s turn 3, he has to contest the zone or lose.  Rob continues to pump shots into the Hyperion, doing more damage but not a ton.  The Cyclone can’t really get into the fight since he can’t shake.  The Gunmages push back the generator and take out some Invictors.  Sloan pops the assassin.  The Gunmages get tough.


On my turn 3 I feel like I could go for some crazy assassination with spells through the phoenix but I’m in such a strong position attrition-wise that I feel that is the safer course.  Polarity Shield drops.  Hyperion gets 3 focus.  Arcanists repair and power booster the Hyperion.  The Phoenix moves over to clear out some space with combustion.  I get overzealous and activate the Hyperion, forgetting to TK the Defender.  My point is proven when the Hyperion misses enough to fail to kill the Defender, though he is quite damaged.

The Invictors and Generator take out and knock down most of the Gunmages and Rahn hides behind an obstacle.  No new points scored.


On Rob’s turn 4 he starts to take out some support and do some more damage.  An Arcanist goes, the Hyperion gets hit with a hammer, some Invictors go down and the Generator takes some hits.  The Cyclone also lays down some covering fire templates.


On my turn 4, the assassination seems even harder so it’s time to win on scenario.  I need to take out the Defender, Hunter, Arlan, the Gunmages and the 1 stormnoun.  The Hyperion gets 3 focus, the Phoenix is out of control.  Phoenix starts to try to kill the Defender.  If he fails, I will need a new plan.  He succeeds and I’m good to go.  The Arcanist gives power booster to the Hyperion.  Hyperion walks over to Arlan and the Hunter and with 5 attacks he takes them both out.

The Invictors unload with CRAs on the Gunmages and between that and the rapid firing Generator take out all but one of the Gunmages and the storm.  If I can take out the last mage with Rahn, I’ll win.  I feat and cast chain blast.  Figuring that if I fail I can TK myself back behind the obstacle.  With the boosts from the feat, he went down and Retribution was victorious.

I already posted my learning experiences here, but I’ll repost.

Hyperion needs some help hitting.  MAT 6 isn’t great so if you want him to take a heavy out that has even DEF 12.  You’ve got to do something.  In my game, Rahn telekinesised things to face the other way for the back strike bonus and I could have used Force Hammer or the Force Generator to knock them down but some thing has to help or hitting someone with all those eggs in that basket will be wasted.

He was a great fire magnet.  Attracted so much attention.  I also began to consider the merits of the caster regenerating the force field, which I honestly have never done before.  Between Arcanists repairing and regenerating the field, you can get some good boxes back.

Polarity shield on the big guy is pretty nice.  Sloan isn’t the optimal caster to test this against but it did help save me from taking heavy charges.  Colossals are interesting because all your normal threat range tricks don’t work and Polarity Shield seems effective.  Having 2 huge bases with Polarity Shield was also awesome to block off large portions of the board.

He is very focus dependant. If you’re going to take the big guy, you want to give him focus so he will be his most effective.  I’m not quite used to this with Rahn where I usually like to keep my focus and Arcanits give focus for running or important hits and only dole out 3 once a game.  It was just a little new for me.

Having him on the table made me lean toward attrition.  At the same time, I felt that if he died, I would be forced to go for a long shot assassination if I hadn’t killed enough yet.  I sort of felt like my hands were tied even while winning which was odd.

Let me know if you have any questions.

4 thoughts on “Rahn with Hyperion battle report

  1. Nice write up. I’m still trying to justify the generator and Hyperion to myself. I’ll have to start playing them over Vassal 🙂

    1. They were a blast to play together having 2 huge bases with Polarity Shield. If you’re going to get one or the other, I feel like you get more fun for your buck with the Hyperion since he feels much more game changing.

    1. You’re right. I actually tried to look that up during the game but I didn’t find it. I might have looked harder if I had thought it would matter very much.

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