How ’bout that faction: Cygnar

This time on How ’bout that faction I talk about my relationship with Cygnar.  Cygnar has a couple of things I really like.  The problem?  I hate most of their stuff, so where does that leave us?

I currently have 1 25 point Cygnar army which sort of exemplifies the things I like about Cygnar.  The army consists of pNemo, Sentinel, Thunderhead, Squire, Journeyman Warcaster, Black 13th, Arlan Strangeways.  I also have a Gunmage Captain Adept and Reinholt who can swap in for the Journeyman.

You’ll notice that there are neither any real units or a lot of warjacks.  One thing I really like about Cygnar is the fact that you can make an elite army, which feels hard to do with many other armies.  I’m not sure that this army will be any kind of effective, but it will be fun to paint and should be some fun to play.  If i start getting into it and get the battle box I might find some other models and casters I like but this is the idea that really appeals to me.

One of the things I like least about Cygnar is their tendency toward shooting.  I often dislike this as a style in many games, mostly because it feels so one sided.  When I say that, I don’t mean in terms of fairness but in terms of gameplay.

This is a gross over simplification but when one player’s army is all shooting, they shoot shoot shoot as the opponent comes across the table.  If they do enough damage, then then the other army has no chance.  If the opposing army gets to them, then they lose.  Either way, the opponent didn’t get to do much of anything other than run.  Now Warmachine does a lot to mitigate this, but there often feels like there is some element of this effect when one player goes all shooting.

Since Cygnar has so many shooting units and such good ones, if you don’t want to go that route, then your options are much more limited.

Second, many of the casters are just plain irritating to play against.  Both Haleys, pCaine and a little bit eCaine are not fun to play against.  I find that if a caster is not fun to play against then they are often not fun for me to play.  Sloan falls in the shooting camp and Stryker is kind of boring.  That’s a lot of casters out of play.  Additionally, a lot of other things like the various Storm Nouns just plain don’t interest me.

I may make a couple of specific Cygnar armies but there are too many things I don’t like about too much of the army to play it anywhere close to full time.


  • Ability to create an elite force
  • Some fun casters with the versatility to play ranged, melee or magic


  • Shooting heavy choices
  • Irritating casters
  • Boring

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