Hyperion’s first outing

On Thursday, I finally got to play a game with one of the Hyperion lists for Retribution I’ve been planning.  I got to play a 50 point league game.  He was playing Kara Sloan.
I decided to play Rahn, since I’m most familiar with him.  I’ll be writng up a battle report this week but there were couple of interesting things I learned.

As a note, Hyperion only managed to run and punch things in my game, so no shots for me yet.

Hyperion needs some help hitting.  MAT 6 isn’t great so if you want him to take a heavy out that has even DEF 12.  You’ve got to do something.  In my game, Rahn telekinesised things to face the other way for the back strike bonus and I could have used Force Hammer or the Force Generator to knock them down but some thing has to help or hitting someone with all those eggs in that basket will be wasted.

He was a great fire magnet.  Attracted so much attention.  I also began to consider the merits of the caster regenerating the force field, which I honestly have never done before.  Between arcanists repairing and regenerating the field, you can get some good boxes back.

Polarity shield on the big guy is pretty nice.  Sloan isn’t the optimal caster to test this against but it did help save me from taking heavy charges.  Colossals are interesting because all your normal threat range tricks don’t work and Polarity Shield seems effective.  Having 2 huge bases with Polarity Shield was also awesome to block off large portions of the board.

He is very focus dependant. If you’re going to take the big guy, you want to give him focus so he will be his most effective.  I’m not quite used to this with Rahn where I usually like to keep my focus and arcanits give focus for running or important hits and only dole out 3 once a game.  It was just a little new for me.

Having him on the table made me lean toward attrition.  At the same time, I felt that if he died, I would be forced to go for a long shot assassination if hadn’t killed enough yet.  I sort of felt like my hands were tied even while winning which was odd.

Those are just some of the thouhts I had.  I’m sure more will come.  Let me know if you have any questions on the big guy.

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