Madden Week 4 Ultimate Team

I’ve completed the week’s fantasy challenges.   The challenges are nice as when you complete them, you get a nice 92+ player.  They’re intended to complete the fantasy collection but I’m not sure who is getting all those cards, so for me it’s just a nice card.

For the coin up challenge, I chose to go with Eli Manning over LeShawn McCoy as I think he will be more consistent scoring touchdowns.

For those of you who may not know, to get the firs Coin-Up card, you must complete the 2 solo challenges.  If you want Eli instead of McCoy, there is a collection that only requires the McCoy card.   You complete it and you get Eli as a “reward”.

I’m going to try to save up for a legendary pack instead of buying all-pro packs as I haven’t gotten any stellar cards there yet.

You can find some good deals on contract cards on the auction so look there first before buying them from the store.

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