How ’bout that faction: Legion

For this How ’bout that faction, I wanted to get back to something positive.  Legion is interesting because in probably like about half their models.  Fortunately, those models that I like give me a lot of options.

I love most of the Legion beasts.  They’re just cool.  On the other side, I really dislike most of the infantry.  Luckily for me, nearly all the Legion casters can run beast heavy with help from their great support units.  That means that I can load up on big monsters, leave the weedy guys on the shelf and still have a ton of different options, which you can’t say about many factions.

In addition to most of the casters working well with the beast heavy package, I like most of them too. I’m not terribly fond of the Lyliths and Vayl is a bit too cagey for my tastes but many of them I love.

I’ve picked up an assortment of beasts and I even started playing them before I went with Retribution because it felt like there were too many Legion players.


  • Great beasts and the ability to field them
  • Great variety of casters
  • Trixy enough to always have options


  • Lame infantry
  • Very popular

As you can see, Legion is one of the factions I’m more drawn too and will probably be one of the ones I will be focusing on.

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