How ’bout that faction: Menoth

Next up in How ’bout that faction is Menoth.  They are another army for which I own few to no models.  All I currently own for Menoth is a box of Bastions which I purchased because I wanted to see what the PP plastics were like when they first came out.  Also they look pretty cool.

Menoth is sort of a mixed bag for me.  I would normally imagine that I would be intrigued by all their synergy as I like to figure out cool combinations.  In practice, I’ve just found them frustrating.  Not that I’m frustrated by all their rules, but that it seems to take a lot of effort to combine all their synergies to be effective. Now I know this isn’t actually the case but it just doesn’t feel like it would be fun to me.

The only thing that is appealing is the knights. Knights are cool. I can totally seee myself pulling together an army of Knights Exemplar, Bastions, errants, paladins and those neat models. I don’t know if it would be effective but it’d be cool.

Interesting synergy rules

More complicated than its worth
Mostly uninteresting models
Cagey playstyle

Does anyone have any reasons that I might reconsider Menoth?

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