Madden Ultimate Team 13 Fantasy and Coin-Up Solo Challenges

So after week 1, they have added some new solo challenges to Madden Ultimate Team.

They have made a solo challenge for each of their fantasy players from week 1.  You have to do them in order.  If you complete them all, you get a fantasy David Akers card which is needed to complete the Week 1 Fantasy Collection.  If you complete that, it will unlock the final fantasy solo challenge for which you will get a Robert Griffen III card.

I assume that these challenges will only be available this week so I have been trying to complete them all.  I don’t buy nearly enough packs to complete the fantasy collection(let alone having gotten any of the cards) so I’m not trying for that, but having different challenges to do in nice.

Another solo challenge that they added is the Coin-up challenge.  Before week 1, they added a Coin-Up challenge where if you completed it, you got an 85 Victor Cruz card.  There was also a collection for just this card which would be worth 500 + 1000*the number of TDs he caught in his week 1 game, which turned out to be 0.  This week, they’ve changed it up a bit.  You play 2 games, against the 49ers and the Lions.  If you do, you get an 85 Vernon Davis card.  You can put this in a collection which will effectively trade it for an 85 Calvin Johnson Jr. card.  Same deal applies with touchdowns next week, so you basically get to bet who will have more touchdowns.  Nice little twist.  I went with Megatron, I also have him on my fantasy team.

In other Ultimate Team news, has put up their card database.  Another site did this last year which was invaluable for knowing what collection(s) the cards you got in packs were in.  Collections aren’t as awesome this year, so maybe the benefit won’t be as great but it’s still a great resource.  They’re also attempting to catalog the auction values of each card.  I’m not sure how this will deal with XBOX vs PS3 but it should still help.

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