Project Spelunker: Completed Ponds and Columns

Last time, I posted pictures of my completed Cave themed Hills, Forest, and Linear Obstacle.  I finished the 2 ponds and the test piece for my columns(obstructions).

I will be making tutorials for each of these pieces in the coming weeks.

Modeling as always is the lovely Raek.

Completed Cave Ponds 1Completed Cave Ponds 2Completed Cave Ponds 3

The ponds are made with a base of hardboard, foamcore, spackle, and water effects.


As you can sort of see, the columns have a “roof” on them in orfer to give the table a more cave-y feel.  I plan on making 5 pieces like this total, 4 for the corners and 1 for the center.  The ones in the corners shouldn’t see much use in games but they will be to set the tone.

Still to go I have to do the 4 more sets of columns and 3 more linear obstacles as the first one was a proof of concept that came out well.  More posts to come.

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