A Legion of distractions

I’ve been looking over my random Warmachine and Hordes models trying to figure out what I have that needs to be painted and I came across my case of Legion of Everblight models. The thing that draws me to Legion, like many others I think, is the awesome beasts. I’m reminded how many Legion casters can run beast heavy effectively.

They’re getting really appealing as a faction to work on because I feel like can play a large number of casters with the models I like and not feel like I’m handicapping myself.

In a less competitive game or with a less competitive group, I wouldn’t care as much but the NJSOBs can’t help but work on competitive lists for the next tournament and in Warmachine a weak list will mean a very short game.

Rhyas is my favorite legion caster and with support solos and her No Quarter tier list she can work well with beasts.

Both Thagroshs work great.

Absylonia’s feat is made for beasts.

Vayl, and Saeryn can easily run max beasts.

Even the casters I don’t like can beast out, such as the Lyliths

I own 2 shepherds, a forsaken, battle box, nephilim soldier and bolt thrower, scythean, angelius, seraph, raek, all the lesser beasts and Typhon. I’d like to pick up a plastic kit for a Ravagore and maybe a naga and a protector and the Blackfrost Shard but otherwise, I have just about everyting I need and I can swap casters to my hearts content without having to buy units. You don’t get the opportunty to run that many beasts/jacks with so many casters in a lot of factions.  Must resist urge to work on Legion over Retribution.

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