Madden Ultimate Team 13: Solo Challenges

I’ve got to say that the Solo Challenges in Madden Ultimate Team 13 make it much more playable for me.

Last year, playing online against friends had a huge coin penalty and playing online against random people never appealed to me.  So that left playing random games against CPU controlled teams.  Ultimate team was fun enough to keep me doing it, but it did get stale.  Also, when playing like that, it would behoove you to run up the score against a crap team, as you got more coins for doing so.

This year I can work to complete the solo challenges as my games rather than playing random teams.  They give me set coin rewards so I can actually play football and you can get some fun card rewards.  You can get specific players who are good and you can get key cards and key packs which are needed to complete collections for yourself or sell them on the auction house.

I’ve also started trying to sell some gold cards on the auction house for 2k each to see how well they sell but nothing so far.  Last year the collections drove the market for those cards but it looks like that is no longer the case.  That does mean you can pick up some nice 80s players for cheap to round out your team too.

Another tip is to look for the 48 contract cards on the auction house instead of buying the 32 from the store, I got some for pretty cheap.

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