Project Spelunker: Completed Cave Hills, Forests, Ponds and Linear Obstacle

Project Spelunker continues.  This weekend I was able to complete my 2 “Forests”, 2 Hills, and a test Linear Obstacle.  I am almost finished with the ponds, they just need a couple of coats of water effects.

For all the terrain, I used some paint that I already had for painting dungeon tiles for Descent as I thought that they would work out well.  For the most part it’s basically just a basecoat of a gross green brown with a drybrush of an offwhite stone color.

All of the bases you see are made out of hard board cut out with a jigsaw and rounded off with sandpaper by hand.

I will be posting how-to articles for each of these pieces but I thought I’d show what I had.

Modeling as always, is my lovely assistant, the Raek.

For the hills, I went with a simple edge that was mostly vertical so that models on the edge could be supported with dice.  I tend not to like the gentle sloping hills as they give my models a false sense of security.  The hill is 1″ insulation foam.



For the forests, I decided on giant mushrooms as that was the only kind of forests for a cave I could think of.  They’re pretty basic but they work.  2 pieces of 1″ insulation foam, a cylinder for the stem and a dome shape for the top.  I used Games Workshop 40mm round bases for them since I had them.  You could also make some out of foam core pretty easily.

I will note that in terms of gameplay, I prefer to have forest and rough terrain where the area is represented by a base and the terrain itself is movable so that you can actually put your models where you want.  So that is what you see.

I originally painted the mushrooms all different colors but I didn’t like the look so I went with green to match the crystals and ponds.

As a test for what to do for linear obstacles, I tried jagged crystal formations.  The crystals are carved out of insulation foam.  These came out pretty good so I’ll be making some more.

Lastly are the ponds.  These are work in progress shots as the water effects are still curing and will need another layer as well.  The lip of the pond is a cutout of foamcore and the edges and the water section are helped with Spackle.  I am using Games Workshop water effects with some neon green paint to give it a crazy color.

I was also working on some columns but I made some mistakes with my test piece, so I am starting over.  I’ll post some pictures when that’s done.

Let me know if you have any questions.

4 thoughts on “Project Spelunker: Completed Cave Hills, Forests, Ponds and Linear Obstacle

      1. Hey there, I cant log in using my Google profile, you seem to have every other system allowing you to log in, just wondering if you are likely to hook up with them too?

        On an unrelated note, I love building terrain too and will be putting some up on the thrallblacks site soon. I’ve been quite inspired by your cave idea, so will be looking at doing something similar myself now. I cant stop thinking about giant stalagmites (Stalagtites?) as obstacles, and smaller formations, like yours for linear obstacles. The mushroom idea is genius – would never have thought of that…Damn you! – taking away what little free time I have…

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