Hyperion built, with pics

I built my Hyperion acquired from Gencon last week and I’ve finally gotten around to posting pictures.

If you look at the front picture, you will see 6 little ovals behind his head.  There were some little antennae that were supposed to go there.  I was missing one and I was leery of putting them on anyway.  The last time I questioned whether I should put something like that on was when building the Deathjack and Seether with their spikes.  I put them on and I regretted it as they kept breaking off and eventually got lost, so I left them off here.

I’ll post pictures as I get it painted.  I’m experimenting with adding washes on my models with an airbrush based on an article in an old White Dwarf I remember.  Depending on how that goes, I will figure out how I want to paint this bad boy.

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