My Relic Knights plan

There has been a lot of talk of the Relic Knights Kickstarter and as I mentioned earlier that I’m planning on pledging.  There are a lot of options, so I thought that I’d let everyone know what I’m planning in case it helps anyone.

First off, I should say that I am still put off by a lot of the models.  The excessive fan service feels a little creepy and I’m still worried about the game having that stigma.  That being said, there were enough models I liked and enough I liked about the game to convince me to take a look at it.  The sheer number of models you get for your money is ridiculous, so I figure that I’ll get a bunch of models I like for a great price or I should be able to get my money back off of Ebay from all those people who get caught up in the hype when it comes out.

Having said that about the models, there are 3 factions that appeal to me.

First, the N’oh Empire look pretty neat.  They’re mostly big, badass looking demons and they look like nice chunky models.  I don’t think that I would pay the $20 each they’re going for on the Soda Pop site currently, but you get a ton in the starter for them.  Their Relic Knight is also awesome, less enthralled with their questing knight.  Also, their playstyle seems very aggressive, which should be cool in this game.  Their optional  add on is the Beastmaster who has the linked ability which appears as though it will be awesome in this game, giving you bonus activations, also they are more big cool models.

Second, I like the Black Diamond.  The paramilitary look is pretty cool as is their armor.  They also seem like they can pull off a decent “horde” feel despite the game being skewed against that.  I’m a little iffy on the Relic Knight, maybe we can paint/green stuff some pants on her.  The Questing knight is cool too.  Their optional add on is the Black Diamondback which I was iffy on until I saw how big the model is.  It looks pretty cool at that size.

Finally, there’s the Cerci Speed Circuit.  I know what I said about the models but there are 2 things that intrigue me.  One is the playstyle.  They are super speedy, as you might guess from the name.  They have awesome initial and followup movement, which seems like it could make for a really interesting game.  The other is the sleekness of their vehicles.  I am always drawn to sleek, clean looking models.  I love Eldar in Warhammer 40K and my jacks in Warmachine are rarely dirty or damaged looking, because I prefer the clean look.  When the Retribution came out, I was in.  The CSC has this and has some cool robot dudes.  I also like painting bright colors, so painting flashy vehicles will be a blast.  I just hope I can stand the models. Their optional add on is the least appealing, but it is another robot and they have linked so I’m gonna get it too.

So those are the three factions I want, so what am I getting?  Well the guys at the kickstarter are offering some trade-ins on their packages.  You can trade in rule books for $35 credit if you end up with more than you need or just don’t want them.  If you get a package with multiple starters, you can trade them in for credit as well.  Check out the details here.  They are also offering a number of upgrades you can purchase extra or with said credit.  Some are special edition minis, some are just other packages of cheap models.

Since I want 3 factions, I should at least get the Double Savior which comes with 4.  I do want all the extras for my factions which would be another chunk of change, even after trading in a faction and a book.  One of my fellow NJSOBs was also looking at getting in and wanted to go in with someone.  So he’s going to chip in $60 for a starter and a book and 1 SE mini.  So here’s my math:

  • Gotta Get Em All(6 starters, 3 books):  $270
  • Friend’s portion: -$60, total: $210
  • Add N’oh Beastmaster: +$35, total: $245
  • Add Black Diamond Diamondback: +$35, total: $280
  • Add Betty & Lug: +$35, total: $315
  • Add Codifier Brahe(Must have the FF9000!): +$15, total: $330
  • Trade in 2 starters($40 each) and 1 rule book($35): -$115, total: $215
  • I get 6 SE Minis, 1 of which is going to my friend.  I’ll get the 4 for my factions and the one other I actually recognize.
    • Candy and Cola as Chun-Li and Ryu(CSC)
    • Marie Claude(CSC)
    • Rinn-Farra(N’oh)
    • Iron Chef as Solid Snake(Black Diamond)
    • Isabeau as Faye Valentine(Pirate dudes I’m not getting)

They just added some more options, but I’m not too tempted by any of them except maybe the Black Dragons, so maybe add $10.  So I will be pledging $275 and paying $215 for all those models, the rules and the extras.

My issue here is if I like the game, then I will be kicking myself for not getting more models when they are SO CHEAP.  If I don’t I might regret spending so much.  I hope that any regret can be mitigated by Ebay though, so I’m generally leaning toward getting more stuff.

Well there you have it, that’s my plan.  I hope this might help people when deciding what to do.  If you have any questions about what I’m doing or what you might do, just let me know.

4 thoughts on “My Relic Knights plan

  1. I haven’t jumped in yet, but I think I am going to do so. I am leaning toward Black Diamond and the Speed Circuit – if I paint the flesh as leather on much of the Circuit, I think i can cut down on the cheesecake factor. I won’t be getting in as much as you are – I am trying to keep mine to under $200, including options, though it is getting tough to do.

    1. With a double savior you should be able to get 2 factions with lost of extras for under $200. Also, they just announced a stretch goal of “Battle Poses” for some of the relic knights which are supposed to be less “pin-up” That’s pretty exciting.

  2. Thanks. I had not thought about doing the double savior – I’ll crunch some numbers, and I might wind up with more stuff for less money, if I swap out one of the extra factions and the rulebook.

    1. Yeah, if you only want 2 factions, you can trade in the other to @$45 each and the book @$35 leaving you with a savior, $125 in credit and 2 extra SE miniatures. Or you could get another faction if it’s cheaper than what you were going to do anyway.

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