Madden Ultimate Team 13: How to not spend real money

So I’ve had my chance to play Madden 13 for a while now and I’ve been spending most of my time, as with last year, playing Ultimate Team.   Now I will admit that it feels more and more like a micro transaction cash grab but I’m still having a blast without spending anything.

You can buy packs of cards with coins that you earn from playing games and selling things on the auction house but you can also pay Microsoft Points(read: cash) for them.  I already paid $60 for the game, I don’t want to spend more on virtual cards.  I might buy some at some point but I absolutely will not play if I can’t have fun without spending cash.  I don’t have any problem with other people being able to spend cash if they want to though.  I don’t like playing online so I don’t care what other people do.

Last year the, the key to the coin economy was the collections.  You could send your cards to a collection from which they were irretrievable.  If you got all the cards for that collection, you were rewarded with bonus coins and sometimes bonus cards.  These were decent amounts of coins too.  You could get 50k coins for some of the collections where good packs cost 9k.  This did two things.  First, you could collect the collections yourself, but that was hard when you start.  More importantly, it made cards worth something.  You could sell those bronze and silver uniforms on the auction house and get money from people trying to complete collections.

This year, the collections aren’t worth nearly as much, so we’ve got to find another way.  So far, I’ve got a system that seems to be working reasonably well.  They have added solo challenges for those of us who don’t want to play online.  They’re adding some on weekly but the ones there are enough of to do consistently are the regular season challenges.  You play against all of the weeks of a team’s schedule in order.  There’s one for each of the 32 teams.  The games are worth progressively more and more and get harder and harder.

As I said, the games get harder and harder, so pick a team who’s week 16 opponent is really bad and the 11-15 aren’t too hard.

The first 4 or so games are on rookie difficulty and are absurdly easy to beat.  The next couple are pretty easy too.  If you have any good players, sit them and play the scrubs from your starter pack, you can still win easily.  Doing this for each team will get you 3k+ coins.  Once you’ve gotten a good team, you can use this money to buy contract extensions for your good players.  If you’re just starting, you can buy a couple of the 3k packs to get you some halfway decent players.  Alternatively, since they have removed the minimum auction start, you can actually find some good players on the auction house.  Buy yourself a nice RB or QB.  I got a 92 Steven Jackson for 1,700.

You can build your team up like this for a bit and put your good players back in to complete the season challenge.  In addition to getting a good amount of coins from this(usually enough to get a 9k pack) you get a “Key Pack” for completing the last game.  This contains 1 card which is needed to complete a specific collection.  You can sell this on the market or use it, they’re pretty good cards.

For now at least you can repeat this process to earn some coins to get some good packs without paying cash.   My team is at 89 now and going strong.

Let me know if you have any thoughts or questions.

12 thoughts on “Madden Ultimate Team 13: How to not spend real money

  1. Do you know if the team collections are worth trying because I played the 16 games for the Arizona cardinals and I got 3 players for the cardinals collection and now I have 6 for it and I put in a Patrick Peterson card and the kicker on that team in that collection and some others and I can’t get the players back so do you think I should continue that collection? And on playstation you can’t get the gold packs and I heard those were worth it so do you know another way of getting coins? Also, do you know any collections worth doing if you don’t have much money, because I only have like 700 coins.

    1. I play on the 360 so I can’t speak to the differences between the systems. Doing the solo challenges has been my favorite way to earn coins. The weekly ones are good because the Fantasy Player cards you get are really good.

      The team collections aren’t the greatest to collect because you usually have to give up a handful of really good players. To complete that Cardinals collection you’ll have to give up a Larry Fitzgerald card, which is better than whatever the reward is.

      This year I ended up not really trying to do any of the collections. When I had players I wasn’t using anymore, I put them in the collection if they had one instead of discarding or archiving them. Sometimes I ended up getting a collection but you’re better off just playing the solo challenges and trying to get your coins that way.

      Also make sure to buy contract extension cards off the market where they are usually much cheaper.

      1. Thanks also do you know any good players that you get from solo challenges besides the ones that the team Is over 99 because I really like russel Wilson, he is awesome, but I have to face him on the texans and they are over 99 and almost impossible to beat. I like him because he can run AND throw, which is cool. Do you know any other ways to win him?

      2. The solo challenges might be different on the PS3, but on the 360 there are Fantasy challenges where when you beat them you get a nice 90+ player, and you don’t have to play against any 99 teams.

        I would also check the market place to see if you can find Wilson there.

  2. Do you know any good kick returners because in the auctions you can’t specifically search kr. I’m mad because I had Patrick Peterson, and he is over 99 in kr but i tried to do the cardinals collection and lost him. Playstation must be diffrent because all the fantasy challenges have teams that are over 99

    1. You can’t really search them. Look through either WRs or CBs for one with a high speed and acceleration.

      1. Yeah I have been doing the solo challenges and I’m gonna sell the cards for a lot of money for the people who want to complete collections

  3. Also when I search the auctions for players, most of the players are a ridiculously high price and a player that is like over 90 will cost me 3400 coins if I’m lucky. Is there a way to only search for low price players

    1. Not sure, but it can be easy to find high 80s players for cheaper so that the solo challenges are easier.

  4. Do you remember when I said I liked russel Wilson? I found a trade with him and I want to trade my Shannon sharpe tight end that I got from a key pack. The person did not accept or decline yet. I was wondering what happens to your card offer when time runs out? How much do you think I could sell shanon sharpe for because I might sell it, buy Wilson, ans have coins left over. Could I get more than 3500 coins.

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