Project Spelunker: It begins

I have started construction of some of my cave terrain and I thought I’d post some work in progress shots.

I will be posting how-to guides on each piece when they are done.

Modeling sizes will be my lovely assistant the Raek.

First up is your basic hills.  They need bases but I wanted to cut them out after I did the hills.  Once the bases are done, they just need a coat of paint.

Next are the ponds.  They need some spackle to create their underwater surface, paint and some water effects.


For the forests, I decided to go with mushrooms in a cave setting.  I made them pretty big out of two pieces of foam.  I based them on 40mm GW bases, so sue me.  You could also make them out of foam core.  They just need some paint.


Finally, for what I’m hoping will be the coolest pieces is my test piece for columns formed from stalactites/stalagmites.  These should give a sense of encapsulation to the table while still making it playable.  The plan is for this piece and 4 pieces at the corners so as not to get in the way.  It will be spackled to give it a smoother texture and painted.  I might also add some more tites to the top and bottom bases.



I will keep you updated as I continue.

Let me know if you have any questions or terrain ideas you’d like to see for Project Spelunker or anything else.

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