Project Spelunker

As I mentioned before, I am going to be making some cave terrain for the Warmachine/Hordes league.  Armed with my trusty new jigsaw, I will actually be able to make some decent pieces I think.  Now begins the planning process.

Here are the pieces I am planning on making as of now.

  • 2 Forest/Rough Terrain areas, 6″x6″.  I’m thinking mushrooms that could be played as either
  • 2 hills
  • 4 Linear obstacles, 6″.  These will probably be walls of stalagmites, unless I can thing of anything better.
  • 2 Ooze pools, about 6″x6″
  • 5 Stalagmite/Stalagtite columns.  These will hopefully be the baller* centerpieces.  We’ll leave the plan for them a surprise.


I am going to try to assembly line these now that I know that I can do the bases properly.  Today, I am going to cut out the bases for all of them and construction can begin this week.  This will hopefully be enough to not only fill a table for a typical Steamroller game, but also to give a number of options that can be switched out for some variety.


* If athletes in sports that use balls can use baller, does that mean we can use dicer?  Seems off but maybe it will get better with use, stay tuned.

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