Relic Knights kickstarter

So I’ve been hearing about the Relic Knights kickstarter periodically but nothing I’d heard made me want to check it out.  The deluge of press from Gencon and the end of the kickstarter made me decide to take a look at it.  In particular, this post on A Fear of Numbers,  noting the rules being posted and showing a full game on YouTube gave me some substance to sink my teeth into.

After doing this research, I’ve decided to take the plunge.  The game looks pretty cool.  It looks really fast paced, which is a big plus.  I like the epic feel of the game.  Like Warmachine, the relic knights are very powerful and have the game revolve around them, which can make for some cool moments.

Finally, I’m very excited by the card mechanic.  It does a couple of cool things.

First, the cards are more of a zero sum game than dice. If you roll snake eyes in Warmachine, that doesn’t increase or decrease the odds of rolling snake eyes next time. If you draw a bad hand for your faction in Relic Knights, then that means that the remainder of the deck is more likely to provide you with a good hand later. Zero sum in a good way. There is a supplement for Settlers of Catan which is a deck that replaces the dice rolling because of this very principle. I hate Catan, but that deck might help.

Secondly, while there is randomness in terms of what hand you draw for each character, during your turn you know whether or not you can perform an action. You won’t get screwed mid-turn as often. You can still gamble on whether you will draw the right cards with your attack skill, but it’s a calculated risk. I tend to enjoy games that try to mitigate luck. Warmachine allows you to manipulate your odds by boosting and this seems like it will be even less random.

I’m still trying to decide which level to contribute and which models to get. I’m leaning towards getting the N’oh and the Speed Circuit. The N’oh just look cool and the playstyle of the Circuit seems fun. I may look at the Black Diamond as well.

4 thoughts on “Relic Knights kickstarter

  1. Currently I’m in at the Savior level, and reasonably enthusiastic about this kickstarter. I am conflicted though, as this is the company’s third successful one. Eventually you would think it would be able to stand on its own two feet instead of continuing to go back to the well.

    Tomorrow I am writing a post on my blog about the possible unintended consequences of crowd funding. Afterall, nothing happens in a vacuum.

    1. It is an interesting situation. I know that miniature sculptures and moulds can be costly, especially if you’re planning on making six whole factions. The kickstarter method allows them to make sure that there is sufficient demand for the product before committing hundreds of thousands of dollars to the process. I imagine that’s why all the factions weren’t unlocked to start. Plastic models in particular have a very high startup cost which can be a problem for shall businesses.

      They’re also doing right by the consumers by giving them so many models so cheaply. I imagine based on the prices compared to the models they already sell, that you’re getting them a pretty close to cost in the kickstarter, with the costof the moulds and sculpting amortized over the pledgers.

      1. I understand that. Fan service is great.

        I just worry the large companies’ use of crowd sourcing risks crowding out the smaller projects. The former has other options – the later does not. You know?

      2. Makes sense, I would be leery if an established company did it, like a Games Workshop or a Privateer Press, though GW is publicly traded so I’m not sure how that would work.

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