Hardboard terrain bases

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I took a plunge and bought a jigsaw and some hardboard from Home Depot in order to attempt to make some more suitable bases for terrain pieces.  Today, I actually attempted the feat.

The biggest obstacle was whether or not I could actually use the jigsaw in our apartment without making too much noise or mess.  Apparently, the noise isn’t that much worse than a vacuum cleaner and the mess was very contained when cutting hardboard.  The other issue was if hand sanding everything would be effective enough and not too much of a pain.

As for the results, they came out pretty well.  I made one 6″x6″ square piece, suitable for delineating an area of forest or rough terrain.  I tried rounding off the corners just with sanding, but it was not happening, so I had to jigsaw off the corners as well and sand from there.  I also beveled the edges with the sandpaper, which will make it easier for models to stand on the edge.  Overall, I am ecstatic with how well this came out.  I can now make some decent terrain at home again.  Take a look to the right with a gun mage captain for scale.


Next, I wanted to see how the jigsaw would work on something a little less rectangular.  I went with an oblong, hourglassy shape.  This was a little more difficult to manage, but I think that practice will make it a lot easier.  This piece should be suitable for my first piece for the cave themed league.  More details to come.


Finally, the hardboard isn’t ideal as it is a little bendy.  I’m slightly worried that then painted, the paint will contract, making the piece concave, but I guess I’ll just have to wait and see.

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