So happy I could buy a jig…saw

In a plan that is fraught with peril, I went to the local Home Depot and bought a jigsaw, some MDF and some hardboard.

When I saw that the next Privateer Press league is cave-themed, I knew that it was time to put into reality some of the terrain ideas I’ve had floating around.

I helped to make the big game table for Games Day Chicago one year and learned a lot about terrain construction from Tim Lison. One of those things was making nice baseboards for modular terrain pieces.

Jump ahead to a year or two ago and Norbert, our dearly departed to England former Pressganger asked me to work upsome terrain. Living in an NYC area apartment means no power tools, so I did the best could with foamcore for bases. It made me super sad, but everyone thought they were great. Sort of the same thing that happens with painting when people like the slapdash model as much as the one you spent so much time on.

Now I’m serious, so I’m going to see if I can keep the mess down with the jigsaw and hand sanding while hiding it from the neighbors. I was able to get 1/4″ MDF but nothing thinner. So I also picked up some 1/8″ hardboard, which may be okay.

I’ll keep you updated on the epic plan and of course add pictures if it works.

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