Hyperion GO!

The great and powerful Geoff Engelstein of The Dice Tower, Ludology, The Ares Project and Space Cadets fame, was kind enough to procure a Hyperion for me from GenCon.  Since it looks like it won’t be coming out until October, I was all about getting one early.

I was able to get it assembled this week.  It was pretty easy to get done and it looks great.  I will be posting pictures soon.

I’m pretty excited to get in a game with him.  Hopefully I will be able to tomorrow with the NJSOBs.  All I have to do is decide which caster to try first.

I haven’t played with my Aspis yet, and he seems like the Hyperion’s best buddy, keeping him safe from that nasty Eiryss and other crazy shots.

I’m most excited to try him with Vyros.  He’s got a SPD buff, which is awesome since that’s essentially the only movement shenanigans which you can pull with a Colossal.  His feat should be interesting, especially if the Hyperion can fuel itself with all of its shots.  The armor buff could be nice.  Finally, reach on such a large base could make for some interesting angles for Vyros’s flank.  I’ve been meaning to get in some practice with Vyros anyway, so this should help.

I also have been meaning to get in some games with Ossyan.  With another SPD buff and a range oriented feat, he should like the Hyperion as well.  I still have to get used to using so much shooting, which I have never liked.  Probably why I still haven’t purchased any Mage Hunter Strike Forces.

Rahn is always a go-to caster and his toolbox of spells should help the big guy out.  Telekinesis, Polarity Shield and Knocking down models with Force Hammer should be a big help.

As much as I dislike Ravyn, I’m considering putting her together and giving her a shot, but we’ll see when that happens.


Whatever ends up happening, I’ll let you know.  It should be fun.

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