Magnetizing the Retribution Heavy Warjack/Hypnos – Part 1

I just got the Retribution heavy warjack kit and Hypnos upgrade and the first thing I wanted to do was check out how magnetizable they are.

For reference, I have magnetized the Cryx and Khador basic plastic warjack kits to make them interchangeable between all their types, but I am also very particular(OCD) about how my models will look, which is why I didn’t make my Cryx jack magnetizable into Malice when I made it.

The big peeve for me is that I do not want to have any magnets exposed when a jack is built.  For Malice, if I were to magnetize the souls, when I built a Slayer, those magnets would be exposed.  For me, this means I’d rather just get another kit to make into Malice.

This is the same problem I have with Hypnos.  Everything but the Arcnode is fine, but since that goes on his back, where the other jacks have nothing, that magnet would be exposed, so I will not be making Hypnos interchangeable.

On to the regular jacks.  I will be gluing the legs, body, arms all the way to the wrist, shoulderpads, and the mount for the gun together.  One magnet will go into the wrist for the hand/sword hands to attach.  We will also need another magnet in the back of the plain hand for the other weapons to attach to.  I will have a small magnet where the heads attach.  Finally, I will be attaching a magnet to the weapon mount to swap out the weapons.

This will be a larger number of magnets than previous attempts(head and arms only) but I still think it’s worth a shot.

I will post pictures when I get him together.


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