Assembling the posse

This weekend, I was able to get Barnabas, the wrastler, spitter, snapper, a max gatorman posse, and a croak hunter assembled.  Combined with the swamp gobbers I already own, that should be all the models I need for the first thaee weeks of the league.

They all went together pretty easily. There should only be some minor gap filling necessary.

Additionally, I kind of wanted to have my gators on swamp bases but having gone through the process of having my whole Retribution army on purchased resin bases, I decided I didn’t want to go through that for this army.  Part of the plan for the gators is to have another army that I would paint up quickly.

What I ended up doing was laying down an area of green stuff where I wanted the swamp before gluing most of the models in place. Next, I’ll sand the remaining area for the swamp shore before priming.  Then I’ll paint the green stuff as a swamp and coat it with water effects.  I’ll be sure to post pictures as I progress.

This week, I hope to get a game or two in with my new toys.

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