Gator time!

As many people are already writing about, our Journeyman league is starting soon.

In case you are unaware, the journeyman league is a league designed by Privateer Press where you start playing games with your faction’s battle box and each week you are allowed progressively more points.

I’ve been very excited for this league not only because I prefer smaller games but also because it seemed to be a great way to get started with my retribution.

I discovered, however, that I am enjoying painting my retribution in their nice white armor which unfortunately has been taking a while to complete to the standard I want them.

Since half of the journeyman league is based on painting goals, it’s not making as much sense to use the Retribution.

I’ve had my eye on The Blindwater Congregation since playing Team Gat’r Dun at

Templecon.  As a bonus, they will be easy to paint.

I ordered the ‘battle box’ and some various additional models that I’m sure I’ll use for the army including a gatorman posse, a bullsnapper and Calaban.

They should arrive today so I can get a start on building them.

I plan on getting them painted up with a pretty simple scheme and I’ll be sure to post a painting guide for them.

More to come.

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