First tournament with the Retribution – Part 1

I took my Retribution to our local tournament this past weekend on 3 games experience.  It was a great learning experience and a heck of a lot of fun.

I’ll briefly recap my games and mention some of the important points I took away.

The lists I took are chronicled here with 1 change.  I took some of the solos out of the Rahn list and added another unit of Battle Mages to maximize the feat bonus and for their general awesomeness.

To Recap:


  • Rahn
  • Phoenix
  • Chimera
  • Max Houseguard Halberdiers with UA
  • 2 Battlemage Units
  • Eiryss
  • Magister
  • Arcanist


  • Garryth
  • Manticore
  • Chimera
  • Max Houseguard Halberdiers with UA
  • Battle Mage Squad
  • 2 Magisters
  • 2 Arcanists
  • Narn
  • Eiryss

The Tournament

This tournament was a fun event between our store(The Only Game in Town) and another store in New Jersey(All Things Fun).  This round of the event was held at our shop and a contingent of players came up to play.  Later in the month, players from our shop will travel down to one of their tournaments.

The TOs will record the result of every game which is played between an NJSOB and an ATF player at both tournaments and the team with the most victories will be declared the winner.  The cool thing about this is that even if you’ve lost a game or two and you’re out of the running for winning the tournament, your games will still count toward the inter-store competition.

The tournament used the Divide and Conquer Steamroller variant which the TO called as in the first 4 rounds, you had to use each of your 2 lists twice each and if there was a fifth round then you had a choice between the two lists.  The official rule in the variant would have meant that since there were enough players to potentially necessitate 5 rounds, you could use one list 3 times and the other 2 but if there happened to only be 4 rounds, it didn’t matter if you’d already used one list 3 times.  While not strictly following the variant, I think it does keep in the spirit of it, forcing players to use both of their lists.

Game 1:

My first game was against John from All Things Fun.  His two lists were Deneghra and Asphyxious, both non-epic.  I felt like I was more prepared with Rahn and that I would have a better chance against either list with him.  John chose his Deneghra list which was a Tier list, giving him a free bonejack.

The game went well even after my Phoenix got harpooned by his Reaper and killed between that and the Seether.  On my feat turn, I went for Deneghra, telekinesesing her up toward me then force hammering her down and back.  The hammer didn’t do much damage and she was knocked too far back to hit her with much of anything.  I sort of forgot about stealth.  After the fact I realized that I would have been much better off using the feat turn to trash his jacks.  Those boosted pow 10s from the mages could really do some damage to Cryx jacks and I think that I would have been in a really strong position if I hadn’t concentrated on Deneghra.

I lost on scenario a couple of turns later.

Lessons Learned:

  • I keep relearning this with each new caster/army but don’t be afraid to use an offensive feat to trash the opposing army rather than going for an assassination.
  • Battle Mages are pretty good in melee.  If it’s just damage you’re after, the mages’ MAT is as good as their magic score and they have 2 melee weapons at the same power.  After things got hopeless, I charged them and Rahn in and they wrecked some stuff.  Rahn personally slammed two jacks back 6″ each.  It took a just for fun situation to realize something that might be really useful.
  • Stealth needs to be seriously accounted for at the beginning of a game, especially on the caster.  Pretty obvious but a nice reminder.

John was a great opponent and the game was a blast even when losing.

Game 2:

In round 2 I was paired up against another SOB, Matt.  He was also playing Retribution.  I forget what his second caster was, but one of his lists was Rahn.  Not wanting to have a mirror match and wanting to try him out, I chose Garryth.  Matt chose Rahn, as you may be able to tell by which list I remember.

I didn’t think about it when choosing lists, but Garryth is a terrible matchup for Rahn.  His feat neuters Rahn and his mages and Psychic Vampire will kill any battle mage casting a spell in range.

In the game, his magi killed themselves to Psychic Vampire a bit trying to open up a hole for his Phoenix.  The magi had a hard time pulling my Halberdiers in shield wall, as they would have to be directly in front of a halberdier to pull him out.  Any angle meant that he would hit his neighbor and stop moving.

He came close to getting his Phoenix up, but his whip snapping Magister cast it just barely too far away from the phoenix to move him.

On the next turn, my mages killed some blocking models, the Chimera moved up to get an angle on Rahn, and Garryth cast gallows on him, pulling him out from his army.  This left him open to a charge by Garryth who killed him in 2 attacks.

I felt kind of bad for Matt because of the bad matchup but we both learned a valuable lesson about when to reach for the other list when using Rahn.

I hadn’t played against Matt in a long time and he is a fun guy and it was another great game.

Not that I expected anyone to be a toolbag but it is always nice to start off a tournament with great games.  I was playing to get some experience with the Retribution and get a bunch of games in since I hadn’t been able to in a while and so far, I was having a great time.

Accelerated Timed Turns with a new army

I was having a blast at this point but the biggest issue I was having with the games was the time limit.  We were playing with accelerated time limits of 7 minutes per turn for 35 points which people were having trouble with across the board, and I was playing a new army.  There were multiple turns for both me and my opponents when we were left with multiple unactivated units/models.  I’d say I would have done better with more time but I think that my opponents were just about as hamstrung as I was.

3 thoughts on “First tournament with the Retribution – Part 1

  1. Any reason in your Garryth list you’re not using Corbeau? I have found her priceless the few times I have played her with Garryth.

    1. I did not know she worked for the Retribution, that’s why. She is stupid good with Garryth. Now I just have to figure out a way to paint her to fit with the army.

      For some reason, it’s hard for me to put mercs in my armies unless they really seem to fit theme-wise. I will have to overcome that for her I think though.

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