Retribution Battle Mage Test Model

Howdy Y’all.  I’ve started to work on a new scheme for my Retribution.

I first painted Vyros for the Retribution release event and at that point I wasn’t planning on doing a whole army.  I went with a scheme very close to the studio scheme.

Now that I’ve decided to do an entire army, I thought about some tweaks to that scheme.

Here is my first test model on a battle mage.

Here are some of the changes I made over the Vyros:

  • Overall, I went with easier techniques, so that I can finish the army in a reasonable amount of time
  • I changed the glow color from that teal to a purple.  I thought that this would provide more contrast and also I like purple.
  • The armor is shaded with grey rather than the glow color.  This makes the glow more pronounced where it is used.
  • The armor parts that were a silver(the orbs) are now painted as purple gems.
  • I went with a darker green for the cloth, again to contrast the white armor.

I am considering whether to keep all the cloth green or to use a second(probably brown) color for the straps and satchel.

Obviously the base is not yet painted.

Any comments or suggestions are welcome.  I will put up a step by step painting guide once I finalize the scheme.

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