First games with Garryth

After playing a game with Rahn, I wanted to get in a game with my other caster, Garryth.

Tom showed up testing out his Terminus list.  Tom was a member of Team Pants Off Dance Off whom we lost to in the finals of the team tournament at this year’s TempleCon and is always fun to play against despite his penchant for the spam.

Check out the list I played here.

Game 2:  Garryth vs Terminus

This game turned out terribly short, ending half way through turn 2.

Terminus moved up a bit too far, with only a couple of screening models.  I killed the screening model, cast Death Sentance on Terminus and pulled Terminus out and knocked him down with magi.  The Halberdiers then proceeded to kill him after Eiryss stripped his camped focus.

Tom was nice enough to remind me to make sure that Terminus was pulled far enough away from friendly models before shooting with Eiryss, otherwise he could Sacrificial Pawn the shot away, making it useless.

Garryth had a nice support role in this short game, putting mirage on the Halberdiers allowing them to open up lanes for the mages to move up and setup their own future charges.  Death Sentence also helped make sure that the mages would be able to mostly hit, ensuring maximum pulling distance.

Garryth had a charge lane to Terminus on the same turn but the ability to get so many Halberdiers on Terminus seemed like the safer bet.

Tom and I were both surprised at the effectiveness of the Magi pulling shenanigans with a caster other than Rahn.  They’re quite effective all by them selves, though the Death Sentence did help.

Game 2b:  Garryth vs Terminus

We quickly setup to try again so that Tom could actually get to play, having learned from a big mistake.

This game was much more entertaining.

I was eventually able to go for a similar attack, though this time he had Darragh Wrath giving -2 STR all around making Garryth’s personal attack even more difficult.

I pulled Terminus out, but with all the models clogging up the middle, I could only get 4 of them to charge, not nearly enough, and 2 of them missed.

Bile thralls then ruined my army and gave Terminus many a soul.  Garryth ignores armor from focus, but not the armor from souls from Terminus’ feat so there was no way to hurt him and I couldn’t get far enough away.

A great game as usual.

The Halberdiers provided a nice screen again, especially with the magi shooting through them.  it is very easy for your opponent to forget that they can do this.

The magi were obviously a big part for the success of the army.  Garryth greatly benefits from pushing/pulling/moving abilities.  I think that the magi can safely find a home with any caster.

Eiryss and Narn were a nice hit squad, taking out specific intervening models.

The Manticore actually ended up shooting quite a bit.  He’s quite versatile and lived up to being my favorite jack with casters not named Rahn.

Garryth’s support abilities are greater than I thought they looked on paper.  Death Sentance and Mirage are nice little tools, though they by no means make him a “toolbox caster.”  He’s also just much more competitive in general than I thought he would be and great fun to play.  He reminds me of playing Rhyas, though he has more to do, and his assassination run is slightly more difficult to pull off.

I think I chose a good second caster to give me a different play style.  Now on to learning him a little better.  I think I’m going to stick with the list for now, as I didn’t really have any problems with it.

Please feel free to leave any questions in the comments.

    • Rsmith
    • March 11th, 2011

    What was your list exactly? And what was Toms?

      • EclecticGamer
      • March 11th, 2011

      There’s a link at the top of the post to the list I played.

      Tom had:
      2 Min Mechanithralls with 3 Brute Thralls each
      Darragh Wrathe
      Madeline Corbeau
      Gorman Di Wulfe
      Necrosurgen and stitch thralls
      Min Bile Thralls

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