First game with Rahn

I was able to get my first games in with the Retribution.  The first was with Rahn.

I get the feeling I’m really going to like them as an army.

Check out the lists used here.

Game 1:  Rahn vs Rhyas

I got to play a game against the infamous Sevwall and his Legion.

I feel like Rahn has a good matchup against high defense casters like Rhyas but I didn’t quite realize all the tools Rahn has at his disposal until this game.

I’m not very good at play by play recaps from memory so I’ll try to his some highlights with important lessons learned.

The Houseguard Halberdiers worked in just the way I thought they would.  They provided a great screen and the magi being able to shoot through them made typically difficult line of sight issues easy.  They died to some ravagore fire but on the whole screened well and dished out some damage.  Multiple people asked what those models were, and were then astonished at how good they are after reading the cards.

The ‘jacks performed well.  The Phoenix killed a scythean in 1 turn and was then killed by Rhyas in turn but it’s nice to know that it can dish out that kind of damage.  The Chimera’s arcnode and ability to place and run finished the game.  Both were well worth their points.

Finally Rahn’s toolbox is incredibly versitile, even more so than I had first thought.  The game ended with the Chimera placing 2″ for apparition, running into range of Rhyas and her Ravagore.  Rahn then feated, Telekinesised the Ravagore away from Rhyas, then Force Hammered Rhyas.  This slammed her out of transfer range, doing boosted damage and knocking her down. She was then finished off by Eiryss and a Ghost Sniper.  Thanks to Sevwall for talking through the best plan for finishing the game.  It was about over at this point and it was nice for us both to sit and analyze the possibilities.

Between telekinesis to reposition models, the arcnodes to get the best angle, force blast to break your arcnode free and the feat with magi, Rahn has so many ways to get to a caster.  I will be scared when the Destor Thanes come out.  With a knocked down caster from Force Hammer(which is mad easy to pull off) a Thane will get 4 nearly auto-hitting shots without many line of sight issues due to their large bases.

Eiryss and the Ghost Hunter finished the game against a caster who could run pretty far away but I’m considering switching out the Sniper, an Arcanist and one Magister for another unit of Magi.  They benefit more from the feat but I dislike spamming any unit.  I guess I’ll give it a try.

On the whole, I was very happy with the list and the models in it for the reasons above.  The only change I’m looking at is adding another unit of Battle Magi.  I feel that Rahn is one of those casters which will require many many test games to get totally familiar with all his abilities and synergies and when to best use them.

Please feel free to leave any questions in the comments.

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