Time to try out the Retribution

So I finally have time to get back to playing Warmachine/Hordes weekly. When I was only able to go once or twice a month, it was hard to get into a new army so I mainly played the armies I was used to, Cryx and Legion with Rhyas. Now that I have time again, I think it’s time to get familiar with a new army, the Retribution.

We have a tournament in 3 days and what better place to try out an army I am totally unfamiliar with?

Honestly, if I were remotely trying to win, I would never consider it, but I’m not in a terribly competitive mood so it will be a good chance to get a bunch of games in a relatively short period of time.

I’ll point out that even when I say I don’t plan on playing competitively, this does not mean I will not be trying or doing stupid things. I will just go with the flow, not get on myself about making mistakes and as always, not make my enjoyment contingent on winning. As far as I am concerned, if your enjoyment is contingent on winning, there’s a problem. You can want to do your best, but sometimes the dice or matchups won’t go your way and there’s no point in letting things you cannot control ruin your day.

Anyway, on to the lists I plan to try out tomorrow night.


Rahn is the caster I look at and immediately “get”.  He makes sense to me, I love the model and his play style appeals to me.

  • Rahn
  • Phoenix
  • Chimera
  • Max Houseguard Halberdiers with UA
  • Battlemage Squad
  • Eiryss
  • 2 Magisters
  • 2 Arcanists
  • Ghost Sniper

I’m pretty set on the core of the army(Rahn, ‘Jacks, Houseguard, Battle Mages, Eiryss, 1 Magister) but I’m not sure about the rest.  I know I will want the Destor Thane, but they are sadly not out yet.

I took both arcnodes to help Rahn, especially for Force Hammer.  I feel as though with the right moves, it shouldn’t be too difficult to slam something into a caster to knock them down.

The Halberdiers are a great tar pit and Rahn’s polarity shield should help them even more.  The battle mages are quite fragile so hopefully the halberdier wall will help them.

The battle mages and Magisters are obvious because they are cool and they benefit from Rahn’s feat.  I own 2 units but I’m torn on taking both of them.  I will consider replacing the Ghost Sniper, a Magister and an Arcanist to add the other squad.

I play Cryx for Warmachine so I have never been able to take Eiryss and she’s always been a pain, or at least the threat of a pain.

The Arcanists should help out the ‘jacks so that Rahn can take full advantage of his spells.  Not sure if I need 2 of them.  I might add a Soulless Escort to the Halberdiers instead of one of them.

The ghost sniper is almost a filler at this point.  Couldn’t decide between him, a mage hunter assassin, or Narn.  I figure he can hide behind the Halberdier wall and pick things off with Eiryss.


As I look for a second caster, Ravyn and Kaelyssa are out because I don’t want to go for the ranged playstyle they seem to favor.  Between Garryth and Vyros, Garryth definitely wins out on the cool factor and since I’m just going for fun at this point, I’ll give him a try.

  • Garryth
  • Manticore
  • Chimera
  • Max Houseguard Halberdiers with UA
  • Battle Mage Squad
  • 2 Magisters
  • 2 Arcanists
  • Narn
  • Eiryss

Since the main idea is to deliver Garryth for the assassination, I tried to take things that would aid in this.

The Mages and Magister can help move things out of the way or Whip Snap Garryth up.

Narn’s Sprint means he can open a hole and get out of the way.

The 3″ reforming of the Halberdiers hopefully means that they can clear some room and then part making a nice hole for Garryth in addition to their nice tar pit qualities.

The Arcanists will help run the ‘jacks since Garryth both has a lower focus stat and will want to keep his focus for an assassination run.

As an alternative plan, I like the idea of using death sentence to get more accuracy out of the mages so the Chimera should make that a little easier to pull off.

The Manticore is just awesome and he didn’t work in Rahn’s list, so here he is.

I will play some games tomorrow and see how the lists fair, then off to the tournament on Saturday.  Time for a whirlwind learning curve for a new army!

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