Another game with Rhyas(I’ll get this right eventually)

I managed to play another game with Rhyas this past week with the same list. To recap:

Nephilim Soldier
2 Shredders
Swamp Gobbers

I played against Jim, another Legion player. I considered trying out another army to avoid the mirror match but Jim made me stick it out.

He played Primal Thagrosh. I remember there being a Carnivean, Seraph, Shredder, 2 Harriers. And a unit of Warmongers.

I advanced, casting occultation on Rhyas and shying away from his carnivean’s 19″ threat range. I took a hill in the middle with a relatively safe distance.

Jim ran a number of beasts up and cast defensive animi.

Note to self: Sprint only works if you kill something. I got so excited about killing something and sprinting back that I forgot to read the rule correctly. Rhyas charged in to the Seraph throwing her full fury at attacks and missed killing it by just a few boxes. Well crap. If I had thrown just a shredder in or popped my feat I world have been golden. Now that I think of it writing this down, I could have popped the feat mid activation when I realized it was. Going to fail. Lesson learned.

The rest of the turn was spend maneuvering the rest of my troops around Rhyas to kill threats and block lanes. I had a free transfer to my Carnivean due to Rapport however.

In Jim’s turn he threw a bunch of stuff at me. 2 of the Warmongers got in range with reach and one got a lucky hit in needing a 9. Jim’s nice play with this was that he ran them first, knowing that they wouldn’t do much else terribly important but if they hit, it would mean the rest of his turn was much easier.

There was some more manuvering but the deathblow came when Thagrosh used his feat to bring back the Seraph, Slipstreamed his Carnivean out of combat and slammed my own Angelius over Rhyas, killing her.

It’s hard to learn a lot from this game as I basically made 2 major mistakes right away and the rest of the game was spent trying to recover from them. So…

1.) Take steps to make sure that Rhyas can kill her target if you want to sprint out. She can dish out a lot of damage but. Bad rolls or simple miscalculation can ruin any plan. The shredders can keep up with her and can lay down some of that initial damage pretty well.

2.) Pop that feat! Rhyas’s feat can make for a great assassination run popping her or a Carnivean or an Angelius in range of a caster with an extra attack but it can also be very effective in getting in that first strike and decimating the opposing army. I probably should have done that in this case.

3.) Rhyas can pop her feat in the middle of her attacks if you find that she needs that extra attack or you decide to shift modes based on good or bad dice rolls. If I had done this, Rhyas would most likely have killed. The Seraph, reaved its focus, been placed, hit something else and sprinted. Away leaving the rest of the army to go on a mad tear rather than having to protect her.

All in all I continue to really enjoy Rhyas. I have yet to be hamstrung by fury management and the moderate support she gives her beasts with Rapport is fun. I feel like I have some better ideas on how to run her after a couple of games and we’ll see if my gamer-ADD will let me stick with her for a while.

I am considering dropping the gobbers. They have a rough time keeping up and occultation and high DEF keeps Rhyas pretty safe.

I would like to try the Raek. It’s a cool model, its animus seems like it would be great on Rhyas and leap with her feat sounds like fun.

’till next time,

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