How To Paint Cryx Bane Knights: Guide Part 2

After a short hiatus, the Bane Knight Guide returns. For Part 1 click here. Now on with step 3!

We only have 2 areas of the models left to paint, the rest of the armor and the skeletal parts(head and hands).

Step 3 – Silver Armor

These parts of the armor are intertwined with the gold parts we have already painted and we want those gold parts to shine so we will go with a very simple silver technique.

Basecoat the silver areas with Boltgun Metal.

After that all we do is give the areas a coat of Badab Black wash(see pictures for the next step). It’s that easy!

Step 4 – Skeletal Areas

And for the last step I went a little more intricate(read: not drybrushing and washing). I put down a Graveyard Earth basecoat. I may have done the eyes with a dot of white and a green wash but that’s not necessary.


Next I highlighted these parts with Kommando Khaki. I painted everything but the recesses.


Finally I throw a Devlan Mud wash on the bone sections to dirty them up a bit and as an easy way to mask quick highlights.


As an alternative to the Skeletal section, for my Bane Thralls I did these parts at the same time as and with the same steps as the ghostly green cloth. It makes them look like ghostly skeletons, and saves you a step.

And there you have it, your quick and dirty, 2 part Bane Knight painting guide.

I am actually really enjoying my Cryx because I have told myself that I will just get them out on the table painted. I am not painting models individually, I am doing them with a system and in batches. I followed this same concept for Pistol Wraiths, Bane Thralls, Mortenebra and Deryliss, and Asphyxious. I would also make sense for Soulhunters, Ghost Pirates and I’m sure a number of other Cryx models. Spending a lot of time painting models can be fun, but I think I’ll take having a painted army instead.

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