Fluxx Review

One of my favorite “bust it out for a quick game” games for a little while has been Fluxx by Loony Labs. It is a card game similar in purchase format to a game like Uno in that you pick up the box and it’s all you need to play. Like Uno, it’s simple with no stigma attached so its playable with just about any group of people, not just gamers.

Game Overview:

Fluxx is a game where both the rules and the objective of the game will change constantly throughout the game. The basic mechanic of the game is that on your turn you draw some number of cards and then you play a number of cards doing whatever the card says as you play it.

The types of card that can be played include:

New rules such as changing the number of cards you draw or play, limiting the number of cards a player can have in their hand or reversing the order of play.

Goals which specify how players can win. If the condition of the current goal is ever met by a player, they win and the game is over.

Keepers which stay in front of you and are conditions of many of the goals.

Actions that tell you to preform an action such as drawing more cards or taking someone else’s keeper.

The game proceeds around the table with each player drawing and playing as many cards as the rules call for. The game can get a little crazy if for instance players are drawing 5 cards, playing 2 cards and the first card played is chosen randomly by the player on their left or players stealing and trashing keepers only for the goal to be changed by the next player. As the box says the play time can vary from 2 to 45 minutes depending on what happens.

As I said, you can get just about anyone to play Fluxx including parents, co-workers, friends and girlfriends. While people may not want to play a sci-fi or fantasy game for whatever reason, people usually have no such problem with Fluxx.

I initially thought that the game would be too silly and random for certain people to enjoy but as I have yet to find anyone who has not liked playing it seems to have just enough planning and strategy for people to have fun plotting and scheming and not get frustrated by too much randomness.

This is the first review I’ve done so work out of a 10 point rating system.
I’ll give Fluxx 8 ridiculous rule changes out of 10 for the man off the street and between a 6 and an 8 for your average gamer depending on personality type. The more ultra competitive player who needs to have total control over the outcome of a game will enjoy Fluxx less.
You’re not going to go to a Fluxx tournament but it is a great, (usually)quick game that can be played in just about any group. Its fast, its fun and its just what you want out of a single purchase addition to your game collection.

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