Warmachine Front Arc Basing

In Privateer Press’s Warmachine and Hordes, it is important to indicate on the model which way it is facing. There are bonuses for attacking a model from it’s back facing. The pure facing of the model can be ambiguous. Is it the facing of the model’s head or its body? How do you tell where the front and back starts based on the head. If it comes down to being very close, arguments can ensue. Typical solutions to the problem are painting the front arc of the base one color and the back another or drawing lines where the front starts and ends. I thought that this seriously detracts from the overall appearance of the model so I decided to try to use the basing of the model to show the arcs.

Examples(click for larger images):

On either sides of the model you can see where the patches of static grass begin/end. Of course I’ll clear this with my opponent ahead of time. If they have a problem, I’ll pencil something in and erase it later as the most important thing is avoiding confusion.

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